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The year has come to an end, but we never stop moving forward, it just indicates we are one step closer to our goals. In the coming year, it opens doors to many fresh opportunities. It’s time to reflect and count our blessings. It is not all, but we are about to share with you our favourite moments throughout the year.
SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2018It is the 19th SOLIDWORKS WORLD! It is an astounding 4-days event which gathers the avid designers and innovators around the world at Los Angeles. We are beyond glad to join the 3D design experts from many industries.
It has garnered over 5000 attendees to learn new skills, get their hands on the latest technologies, preview latest SOLIDWORKS products and relit their passion for Innovation.
Manager boot camp, application engineer workshop, breakout sessions and a long list of meaningful activities kept us getting absolute most out of our time. Over the course of event, we learned that there is no better place for us get re-energised and inspired for 3D…

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