"Lovely Cup"

I saw something attractive in a brochure today, so i decided to model this in Solidworks and share with anyone who log in to this blog. I quickly draw it in Solidworks 2009 and later rendered in Photoview 360. Here is the result.....

How do you think?
Valentine day is coming next month. If i managed to get a cup manufacturer or a cup manufacturer likes this design, I think this "lovely" cup will be one of the best selling items during Valentine. (dreaming..........Zzzzzzz......)
Happy WeekEnd!
~ah lau~


  1. hmm.. if from top view, when join it, it will become a heart shape? order 1 for me, in SLA pls. thx~

  2. Wind_walker, this cups will not form a heart shape if you view it from top. maybe i should improve in next version.

  3. I like it too. Can place an order?

  4. Could you please Uploaded the 3dvia file? so we can see it in 3D?

  5. Sigh, only 3 persons want to order this cup... ;-(


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