White House Playground Set Designed With SolidWorks

Today, I get some interesting information from SolidWorks APAC.

Clement, had posted some interesting links around SolidWorks, today our creative design had been posted in SolidWorks APAC, soon and soonest our designer will be recognize world wide.

Hahaha…. See, Lau’s Dice design with the highlight of the use of “Shape” features in SolidWorks had been posted.

Emm…. Off course we have to learn from other, through Clement informative SolidWorks link, I get some surprise information where SolidWorks are now in the market of children playground.

You will surprise, this White House Playground Set is Designed With SolidWorks, the president Obama can now watch his daughters playing through his Oval Office windows.

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  1. The design for the “Rainbow Castle” branded system was accomplished utilizing SolidWorks 3D Mechanical Design (CAD) software. This industry leading manufacturing software is unrivaled in power and ease of use and allowed the designers the flexibility to develop multiple configurations of parts and subsystems that makes customizing the final design layout a simple process. “SolidWorks helps us provide the customer with the exact play system they are looking for,” said Jon Mattson, Product Design Manager for Rainbow Play Systems.



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