Mustafa Dayal's CAR

Today I have a new design from one of our member in " SolidWorks Malaysia", Mr Mustafa Dayal. Mustafa sincerely would like to share out his design to all of the SolidWorks user in Malaysia or even to all over the world. He had designed Mustafa Dayal's Car ......... nice design. Still remember we are having a sport rim design? If we can join design with Mustafa, for sure we can design our own "DREAM CAR"...........

Dear Engineer, let's join to the team............... "DESIGN A DREAM CAR"......


  1. This is a great piece of design, the body work around the door and the windows are particularly well done, the color is a bit too "kawai" though

  2. wah, car design in Solidworks!! can you use my sport rim in your car??


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