Friday, July 31, 2009

Same Game, Better Ice Rinks with Sport Systems Unlimited and SolidWorks Software Maker of NHL Hockey Boards Uses SolidWorks and Robotics to Speed Prod

Hockey is more than 125 years old. And while it's still a game of sticks, pucks, and bloody noses, today's state-of-the-art rink is a lot more than ice, wood, and chicken-wire fence.

Sport Systems Unlimited of Ontario, Canada, is proving that every day by using SolidWorks(R) CAD software to drive robotic production of rink board systems that look better, last longer, and are easier to maintain.

SolidWorks, at the heart of a recent lean manufacturing transformation at Sport Systems, automatically generates robotics and CNC code from 3D solid models. The new manufacturing approach has slashed production time of custom rinks at one of Canada's fastest-growing companies from approximately 1,200 staff-hours per rink in 2006 to 450 staff-hours in 2009.

"We can now produce more hockey board systems more efficiently with the same amount of staff and virtually no overtime, all of which has set us apart in the industry," said David Staines, Sport Systems director of sales and marketing.

"When we have the raw material in stock, we can deliver a rink in three days.

Lean manufacturing, robotics, and SolidWorks have also allowed us to branch out into new markets like indoor soccer, one of North America's fastest-growing sports, and even pharmaceuticals, where partitions prevent cross-contamination of drug batches. Efficiencies realized from our new manufacturing program also positioned us for a merger that allowed us to become a preferred rink equipment supplier to the NHL." Sport Systems has distinguished itself among architects, builders, and rink managers with product advantages in both aesthetics and usage. Sports Systems hockey boards are made of mechanically fastened anodized aluminum frames, high-density polyethylene puckboard, tempered safety glass, and stainless steel hardware. This contributes to a highly polished, rust-free appearance using the same materials as retail storefronts. It contributes to a comfortable, family-friendly atmosphere.

"Switching to SolidWorks software was a critical move in our manufacturing transformation," said Chris Henhoeffer, Sport System's project manager and design coordinator. "Prior to embracing SolidWorks and 3D, the knowledge for producing a set of boards was in shop floor drawing templates and with manufacturing employees, requiring arduous fabrication steps and intensive training. Now the knowledge is inside the engineering office. SolidWorks software streams data out to robots and CNC machines via its Visual Basic for Applications interface. Line workers simply set up raw stock, punch in the SolidWorks part code, and watch the panel, part, or aluminum member be machined in a fraction of the previous time." Sport Systems uses DriveWorks(R) knowledge-based engineering software, a Certified SolidWorks Gold Partner Product, with SolidWorks for configuring customized board sizes for the job.
After read this article, it proven that Solidworks even can work in sport industry. There will be our new opportunities in the near future.
Ladies and gentlemans, what are you waiting for.....!!!!!!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tips to overcome the error message in PhotoView360!

Hi! Currently I am designing a model which involve the "Top-Down" design approach, means, I am creating a new part in an assembly enviroment since the geometry of the new part need to refer to others components within the assembly. Using this method, will establish some relations between the new part and other component, we call it as "In-Context" features in SolidWorks.
When you try to render this kind of in-context part with PhotoView360, sometimes you may get this message--> " This file does not contain geometry that is accessible to PhotoView360" and asking you go to resave the file with tessellation data: Tools>Option>Doc Properties>Image Quality> Save tessellation data with part document.
Somehow you may face the same problem although you have check this option. Currently how I solve this problem was:
1. Save another copy for the in-context part:
Open the part file. Go to File> Save As..> . Assign a new name (exp" for render") Remember!!! In order to make sure your assembly is not affected, you must check the option "Save As Copy"!!!
2. Break the relations!!!
Open the new copy. This file still consist of in-context relations. In order to permanently remove those relations, from feature manager design tree,right click on the part, select "List External References" , a window will appear to list out all the external references belong to the part, hit on the "Break All" icon. ( I have tried " Lock All" which means temporarly remove, but it won't help)
3. Render with the new copy!!!
** I am still figuring why in-context part will cause this kind of message in PhotoView360, hopefully someone can share with me your experience! =)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Xixo's Sport Rim

Hey Member, Xixo is here again.

He had sent me another new design “Sport RIM” ….. Very good design! I am sure Xixo only take a few minutes to come out this design and render it in SolidWorks PhotoWorks! Xixo now had stand a higher changes to be the lucky winner. Where is yours design?
The pattern of the spoke is same as the logo of branded japanese bike manufacturer. Can you guess which brand is that? ( I guess most of us know right?)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Good News! Good News! It's pay back time!

There are some good news that I would like to share with everyone. 1st of all, we would like to thank for all of your support in SolidWorks-Malaysia blog and made it a success one. All of us in the team committed to continue to make this blog successful and provide the best SolidWorks news, tips & tricks and design idea to everyone in the world, especially to you, our beloved Malaysian. Your supports, your ideas are important to us. Truly appreciate your visit to our blog & your valuable comments.

On behalf of the Blogger team, I would like to address our thousand of appreciation to all of the visitors. Your participation as a follower, your comment, your design………….. Will entitle you to win for a HP Thumdrive, SolidWorks Laptop bag, SolidWorks T-shirt……… and much much more……

Grab the opportunity now!!!

*** you are welcome to contribute your design idea, or you would like to join as the SolidWorks-Malaysia blogger, drop an email to me “” & you might stand for higher chance to win more fabulous prizes..

Hurry Hurry……Make your move now!~

Note : Lucky winners will be annouce during the month of "SolidWorks Innovation Day Malaysia" on this coming October... Stay tunes & visit us more often to update with the latest blog updates.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

~Do you agree? PhotoVIew 360, It's easy~

Have you ever heard before,
design is not easy as what you thinking about !~~

I only spent almost 2 hour to create this chair,
It's look simple.
But i like it ~
hope you like it so~

The software rendering function smart and friendly,
so easier to render the product into reliable.~
Not only single part, but also the assembly model as well.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tips: SolidWorks backup and recovery options

If you working in a group, out of a sudden, this might happen,

Alamak! I forgot to save my file! I took few hour to build it & it was gone... Why me?
Hmm.. so far as my concern, it might due to 'heavy duty' usage when SolidWorks is running. TT player playing your favourite song to keep your brain fresh with idea, msn is running to keep connecting with the world. The best part, some even downloading TVB drama while designing with SolidWorks... End up?

Crash? Insufficient memory? Window hang?

You are lucky, you know? Cause SolidWorks come with backup & auto recovery setting.

There are three main options within the Tools\Options\System Option\Backup/Recover dialog box each designed to help you back up your work or minimize potential loss of data.

The three areas are:
• Auto-recover
• Backup
• Save notification.

1st: Auto-recover
i) save information about the active documents in the current session if the system terminates unexpectedly.
ii) A Document Recovery tab appears in the Task Pane the next time you launch SolidWorks software.

2nd: Backup
i) Offers you the ability to create copies of the current document when changes are made.
ii) make sure the remove backup copies after “x” days is set. Otherwise, you will keep using disk space until the disk is full.

3rd: Save Notification
i) remind you to save documents
ii) a transparent message box appears if the current document has not been saved within the specified interval

As a conclusion, SAVE YOUR FILE!!!
Hope my idea of SolidWorks recovery can save your day!~
Happy weekend!~

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SolidWorks for Bottle Design

Bottle design by Xixo
Hey, today i had received a Bottle design from a student with his nick name Xixo. Currently he still study in one of Malaysia Local University under Engineering course. While, through SolidWorks-Malaysia Blog, he would like to share his design with all member...... He had just design a "Bottle" and render it in SolidWorks PhotoWorks.......
All member, let's share our design............ you can just easily send me your design......

Monday, July 20, 2009

SolidWorks features: Loft bend

can I bend a cone? Hmm.. Like an ice-cream cone? Sheet metal ice cream cone? ( how to eat it?) hmm...

Yes, leave the question for SolidWorks 2009 to answer, (actually older version also can do so) via video :)

Short & simple.. There is a command named lofted-bend available under sheet metal. Use it to reduce headache!~ Focus on design, not CAD~

senang ja~


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happly Birthday to Our Blogger--Ms.Felicia~

HAppY BirthDaY To U...HaPPy BirthDay To U...HappY BiRthDay to FELICIA~Happy BirThdaY To U!!!Whew~
Hi all, today is the birthday of one of our sweet blogger-> Ms. Felicia. To show my appreciation to the effort that she has put on SolidWorks M'sia Community,i have tried to use SolidWorks to bake a birthday cake for her!

~Rendered by Nelson~

Does it looks nice to eat? Haha!Here, I would like to share my recipe:
Ingredient= SolidWorks & PhotoView360
Draw a circle and draft it when you extrude.
The side slope can be created by using revolve cut with fillet and do a circular pattern with suitable number of instances.
Insert a sketch on the top face of the cake, use text function to create the wording. Becareful! The wording style that you have selected might not suitable for extrusion if they are overlapping with each other(Just like the font style that i have selected for this cake).In this case, you just need to right click on the text-->select Dissolve Sketch Text, then you will able to use the Trim Entities function to trim off the extra lines and eliminate overlapping between text.
Create the candles.The helix cut of the cancle can be created by using a sweep cut. Since the candle is drafted, the path of the sweep cut can be created by using Helix/spiral-->variable pitch option.
Step5: Assign creamy color to your cake base on your preference!
Step6: Render with PhotoView360!

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Vase Using Solidworks

Suddenly i had interested to try the capability of solidworks 360 so i come out with this simple vase and try to render it,this is the result. So just to say hai to all blog follower, this is only the warming up, hopefully another idea will come later..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tips: How to organize view orientation in PhotoView360?

For those who like to use Photoview360 to do image rendering, here, I would like to share a tip on how to control view orientation when render your 3D model.

Every time when we use PhotoView360 to open a 3D model, you will found that environment is locked with the model, means, as you are rotating the model, its’ environment is rotating as well. If during your modeling stage, you have selected the wrong reference plane to start off your model, then probably your model environment in PhotoView360 will be up side down while the 3D model orientation is correct. Like this:

i)When the floor orientation is not appropriate:

ii) When the light source from enviroment is out of the view due to different orientation:

Below figures is my new design for a car fragrance bottle. I would use the rendering of this model to show you the effect of lighting on the model due to the different orientation views.

iii) When the light source is within the captured view cause the enviroment is too bright:

In this case, we are not going to redo our model or even modified the sketch plane one by one!

What you need to do is just bring the part file (if your design is a single component) into an assembly file. Since the 1st component that you bring into an assembly file is always fixed, you’ll have to right click on the part and float it. Now, you are free to adjust the orientation of your model by adding suitable mate reference (coincident/parallel) between the plane from the part file and plane from the assembly file.

Below shown an excellent rendered images with balance environment orientation:

Lastly, Here is my humble design of car fragrance bottles with balance view orientation adjustment!
P/S: another tips I would like to share is: Minimize the PhotoView360 window as you rotating the model to do the orientation view adjustment, this can make the movement of the model smoother! Happy Rendering! ^_^

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Optimash Prime

me: Doc, I think I'm sick.
Doc: A(H1N1)? If so, pls get out, NOW! If not please continue.
me: ...
me: When I close my eye, I saw optimus. When I go for shopping, i saw transformer. When I search 3Dcontentcentral, i saw OPTIMASH PRIME!
Doc: Yes, you are sick! It known as Transformer fever!!!
me: ...

Yes, Transformer fever is still on, especially here in Malaysia. Adults are buying transformer ‘toy’ and no, it was not for their children… it was bought for himself. o.O

Now, it is more serious than A(H1N1). The virus had infected 3Dcontentcentral. One day, I was browsing 3Dcontentcentral, I found this…

Optimash Prime. So Cute!!! Potato man with 80' prime suit & mask. The best part, I can change his hand, from this

To this,

Ops! Haha... It’s so adorable. Don’t you think so?

Credit go to Mr. Jojo Monkey, from



Monday, July 13, 2009

Design your Own Transformer

Transformer! Transformer! Transformer!

Someone told me that, Transformer toy manufacture by Hasbro, inc was design using SolidWorks. I was so excited wising to post the news to all Transformer lovers immediately.
Hasbro, Inc. is a worldwide leader in children's and family leisure time products and services with a rich portfolio of brands and entertainment properties that provides some of the highest quality and most recognizable play and recreational experiences in the world. As a brand-driven, consumer-focused global company, Hasbro brings to market a range of toys, games and licensed products, from traditional to high-tech and digital, under such powerful brand names as TRANSFORMERS, PLAYSKOOL, TONKA, MILTON BRADLEY, PARKER BROTHERS, CRANIUM and WIZARDS OF THE COAST.

While, remember Charlie guiding us to design our own Transformer Key Chain in the early post? Now you can even design an actual 3D transformer by yourself. Haha…. Let’s SolidWorks “” Help you. There are some ready part and design which had been share in the central, you can just easily download and re-design your unique Transformer….. Hurey! Hurey! Sound so easy, but it seen very difficult to me…. Emm, who’s know one day I will do my own design as well….
Dear Engineer and Transformer lover, let’s design our own “Optimus Prime”….

You can forward your design to me, or posting your own at “SolidWorks Malaysia group in facebook”, together we share our common interest………….. Transformer…..
Waiting for your design…….

Monday, July 6, 2009

Do you want to get a Transformer Key Chain?

Do you want to get a Transformer Key Chain? Come on! Build your own key chain with SolidWorks! Here is my design by just transform the Transformer logos that i have created previously into a pair of key chain! Some of you may wonder how the chain is being created, so i would like to share some tips and steps over here.....
Note: Be careful, this is not suitable for couple keychain, because the logos are autobot & decepticon! haha....
First, select a plane (for example Front PLANE) to draw an arc to define the curve of the link.
One the same plane, insert another new sketch, draw out the shape of the chain. This will be the sweep path for you to create the first chain.


Create a new plane normal to the arc of the path as shown in the figure.


On the new created plane, draw out a circle, this will be the sweep profile.


Apply sweep feature and identify the sweep profile and sweep path

First Chain


Use curve driven pattern to obtain a 2nd chain lying on the arc. Define the arc in the 1st sketch as the driven direction. Follow the option setting as shown in the property manager of curve driven pattern.


Create one more plane by referring the 1st chain and the patterned copy. Choose a point and an axis as the reference in order to locate the new plane. (Note: you have to prepare the reference point in a 2D sketch (on FRONT PLANE in this example))


On the new plane, draw a shape represent the path for the 2nd chain.


On FRONT PLANE, open another sketch to draw the circle represent the profile.

STEP 10:

Apply sweep feature to create the 2nd chain. Under feature scope for the sweep function, select the body generated by the curve driven pattern (the 3rd chain),this will merge the new sweep feature together with the 3rd chain as one body in the part file.

STEP 11:

Apply curve driven pattern to copy the 2nd and 3rd chain, define the number of copies that you want to obtain along the curve.

Finaly, here's the chain image rendered with PhotoView360!