Entry #3 Dune Buggy

Dune Buggy from Elmond

Wow! Our 3rd entry is very cool! We have a dune buggy model rendered with photoview360. The "day time" enviroment provided in photoview is quite suitable with this model as well. What's your comment about the rendering? Who else want to challenge? You're welcome =)


  1. This is an interesting entry, especially since I am the designer of "Entry #3 Dune Buggy". This model was downloaded from the SolidWorks 3DContentCentral website.

    If my dune buggy was submitted as "your own work", you have committed plagiarism, and I want it removed promptly, otherwise disregard this message.

    Thank you,

    Jake Hustad



    3DContentCentral user: Jake Hustad

  2. After further research, I realize that I may have hastily made a wrong assumption. Sorry!!!


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