Lame Joke: Why 3D CAD?

Today I designed an assembly with my 2D software, something like this:

I show to my manager and he like it; very much! Thumb up! he said. After looking awhile on my drawing, he asked: What will be the overall weight for this design?

Of course, to obtain the weight, we need a weight scale, digital type will be more accurate. I can't find any around, so i just use a typical type of weight scale.

"Wait awhile ya!" I responded to him. Immediately I'm try to obtain the weight of the design. Finally I got it! And my answer to him:

Boss! If I measure the design in my 19" LCD, the weight will be like 6.5KG! And you know what, it only weight 80 grams if I print it out with a Double A paper.

Swwt!~ @.@"

Moral of the joke: Please get a 3D CAD!!!


  1. no bad, my friend. this is worth for me to wake up and turn on computer and get online even if it is late in night.

  2. friend.. youngster always wake up late and turn on computer and get online even it is late in night :)

  3. friend, consider old man a bit lah... old man cannot le...


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