PhotoView 360 2010

Hi everyone! I think most of the PhotoView360 fans are really looking forward to experience the rendering capability enhancement in 2010, some of you may even already tried it in the Photoview 360 2010 Beta Rendering Contest! How many new function have you explore? Let's play a game~ Observe the picture above which is rendered by PhotoView 360 2010. How many enhancement can u figure out from this picture?
P/s: For your information, you may face problem in applying the enviroment in Photoview360 2010 beta2, but this problem has been solved in Beta3!


  1. mmmhhh, insert background image..correct?

  2. You are right! Still got another 2 can figure out from the picture!

  3. Bingo! and there is many many more we can explore in PhotoView360 2010!

  4. Decal-feature is not possible in PV360 2010.
    This decal is just a text-on surface split od cut-extrude 0,0001mm and coloured later stc.
    If I am wrong please tell me how to import decals to PV360 i d apreciate it, thanks.

  5. decal create in SolidWorks & PV360 2010 just read it in. :)


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