Twisty Bookshelf

Hi, Tyler here. Good day to everyone. Here is my second post, Twisties + Bookshelf~

Just last week, when i was eating for Twisties.. eat.. eat.. eat.. Suddenly, an idea prompt out in my mind. Why don't i make something boring twisted in shape? And afterward, i decided to use a simple shaped bookshelf as my model for twisting~

Inside SolidWorks, firstly, i model a bookshelf which is in a normal linear form. After that, i use the twisting feature to twist the bookshelf along its center axis.

Next, i had just played around with Photoview 360, and here are the rendering results~ Hehe, the book shelves ain't boring anymore~

Colour Series

Car-painted Series

Stylish Series

Perhaps, you may to twist on your existing designs.. and perhaps again that some surprisings will come out~ :)

Thank you & have a nice day ^^

:: Tyler ::


  1. Hey Tyler.....
    very innovative design with the highlight feature of "Twisting" in SolidWorks..... Good

  2. Great Design :) Can sell ur idea to Furniture Seller.... hehe

  3. already have furniture company purchase your idea?


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