Final Lucky Follower

Hi Follower, as promise we are going to announce the final 2 lucky follower. Thanks for your support! I am sure SolidWorks-Malaysia Blog is a platform to gather all of us together moving toward a brighter future.

Lastly, who haven’t send in their Photo rendering entries, don’t forget, you still have 12 hours to go before closing.
While, don’t forget to register yourself to SolidWorks Innovation Day 2009, Malaysia as well. I am sure, you will able to get fruitful information back. We have total 3 locations event:

8th Oct : The Zon Regency Hotel
13th Oct : SIRIM, Shah Alam
15th Oct : PSDC, Penang

NOW! We come to the lucky follower, they are:
En Mohd Hasni Mohd Tamin, winning “SolidWorks Limited Laptop bag”
En Ridhuan Othman, winning “HP 4GB Thumdrive”

Congratulation……. To all of you!!

Below is the final winner list:

1. En Ridhuan Othman, winning “HP 4GB Thumdrive”
2. En Mohd Hasni Mohd Tamin, winning “ SolidWorks Limited Laptop Bag”
3. Ms Filffy, winning SolidWorks T-Shirt
4. En Muhammad Jafri Bin Yusoh, winning SolidWorks T-Shirt
5. En M. Farizal.M, winning SolidWorks T-Shirt
6. Mr Gilbert Tay, winning SolidWorks T-Shirt

For those, who didn’t win the prize. Don’t worry; we will have more and more special thing coming on…..


  1. Hi,
    I notice a name similar to me here so I'm here to confirm if it is me or somebody else. Is the prize still available and how to claim it?

  2. Hi Ridhuan,
    first of all, thanks to be one of the follower. can i get your email or contact number for further communication.

  3. Hi Felicia,
    I have to be a follower because I like Solidworks and planning to have a professional certificate later.
    My email is and my number is 0193623942


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