Nice Rendering from Xixo

Hi all, here is the nice rendering from our follower-> Xixo. This is the skateboard that he design for his assigment and he would like to share with you all, just feel free to give any comment over here. Another sharing for Xixo is this website:
According to Xixo, this is a good forum for starter and to discuss about 2D and especially 3D. A lot of professional there.


  1. nice rendering. i like the tribal decal. The shadow in pink, how did you do it?

    Is this rendering go into the rendering contest as well?

    good job!~

  2. Xixo, i think your design and rendering is really great. Hope that you and us together, we can bring the design spirit and culture of our nation.

  3. Very Good Xixo, Will you join us during SolidWorks Innovation Day 2009 coming week?

  4. @Wind_walker
    This image is render in trial run about 20times, I'm sorry I can't call the setting I did ..This is not for rendering contest ;)
    Thanks for comment.

    No problem ;) Glad to join all of you in here.

    Too bad I couldn't join it.

  5. Please can you email me with how to draw a skateboard like that, as i am struggling designing one for my NVQ much help would be appreciated. cheers

  6. nice work:D could you send me the mechanical drawing to


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