What's new in SolidWorks 2010: Drawing Enhancementsssss

Easier. Faster. Focus on design, not drawing.

Selamat Pagi (Morning) guys, I just woke up, haven brush my teeth and I'm thinking how to explain all the new enhancementsssss (yes, lot of  's') for drawing. For the number of  's' you see, i believe you know what I mean. Yes! lot of enhancementsssss.

Some of the enhancementsssss:
1. New dimension palette. Reduce mouse travel.
2. Text tolerances with recent setting record
3. Change section depth to remove unnecessary sketch.
4. Detail view with ordinate dimension.
5. Dimensioning with popup widget.
6. drag and drop note.
7. Ballon size standard.
8. Annotation in 3D model.

You know what? Just watch after the jump and you will get what I mean by enhancementsssss.

Happy Sunday!~


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