Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sony Ericsson with SolidWorks

Friend of mine just brought a new Sony Ericsson handphone “G700”. I was so excited as I'm one of the biggest Sony Ericsson FANS. Emm...

Sony Ericsson is SolidWorks long term design partner, all their products design in SolidWorks. I get to know this only when I meet Tom Walder, Senior Design Manager for Sony Ericsson.
At Sony Ericsson, they use 3D printing as more of a daily design tool, printing more than 4000 3D models per year. Tom said that they only perform about two to three hours of engineering design on a new phone design before they 3D print the first simple model prototype to see if they are going down the right path.

Well Done, no wonder they can produce such a good design and good quality Mobile phone. It because they had choose the right design Tool- SolidWorks.

Malaysia Design Group

Recently, I did told some of my friend about my intention to start a small group of people who create small little design that is innovative and yet attractive. The reasons I want to create this group are to cultivate the interest of design in fellow Malaysian and blah blah blah......... So long word short say........I would like to take this initiative to start off first with the hope that others will also contribute and share their design here.

How many of you have seen or use “Shape” feature in Solidworks? This feature allows Solidworks creates a deformed surface on a model by expanding, constraining, and tightening the selected surface. A deformed surface is flexible, much like a membrane. It can be expanded, constrained, and tightened using the sliders on the Controls tab in the Shape Feature dialog box.

A shape feature dialog pop-up... Select the face that you wish to shape...

Change to control tab and move the slider to see the effect with the instant preview.

By using features repeatedly, I'd created an 3D model of dice and later rendered with PhotoView 360.

Please give your comment!

~ah lau~

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Touch Of 3D

There is a new technology had been introduce during SolidWorks World at partner pavilion.

SolidWorks is investigating the future of technology and the CAD interface together with Microsoft Surface & IdentityMine . In the Partner Pavilion, they have a Microsoft Surface table set up with a basic 2D sketcher and eDrawings running on it.

During the second day of SolidWorks World’s General Session, Jon Hirschtick had introduced the “Touch of 3D” Technology to all the participants. It shown that this is an experimental project involves Microsoft Surface, IdentityMine and SolidWorks.

The Microsoft Surface table uses 5 infrared cameras to track user’s fingertips and the camera array will track up to 100 different contacts. This is very exciting to see, and it is easy to visualize the many uses for this technology, such as working collaboratively and design presentation and reviews.

Imagine one day, we will able to design through our fingertips with SolidWorks .……
lets have a video clip on the "Touch of 3D"


This post will change the way you search pictures from website.
When we want to search pictures or images from website, we will usually type in some keywords in a search engine and the search engine will showed results in small thumbnail style(as shown in picture below)

If you installed cooliris in your computer, this experience will changed completely. I have recorded a video to share with you how image searching can be so fun and effective with cooliris. This small program is one of the cool features shared in Solidworks World 2009 technical tips session.

click on this link to download this freeware.

I have included the link to download this fantastic freeware....well, all i hope is enjoy this tool. COOL......iris.....good night!

~ah lau~

Saturday, February 21, 2009

SolidWorks Partner Pavilion_Product Showcase Firstlook

EEMMM..... it seems a lot of new inventions can be share from my experience at SolidWorks World 2009. This time, I would like to share with you about the SolidWorks Partner Pavilion "Product ShowCase First look".

You will not believe, there are many interesting products has been designed through SolidWorks and all of them were so innovative, excellent and nice!

Every visitor in the Showcase was very excited, they were just like me, snap photo as much as we can. Let's have some look on some of the product.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Balance design with SolidWorks

Today, I am so excited because Lau told me that my lovely NEW BALANCE shoe is design by SolidWorks. Wow!!! I am really can’t imagine that the ENTIRE SOLE OF THE SHOE is model in SOLIDWORKS.

I searched online & found that there was a customer sharing their success story in SolidWorks World's Tuesday General Session. According Matt Dunbar, Senior Cad Designer for New Balance; they use SolidWorks and 3D Printing in their iterative design process for the shoe sole. They run approximately 100 3D prints per month. Their sole shoe files generally run around 1300 features, but they have models that contain as many as 1800 features!!! Wow! 1800 features, in one single part!!! Absolutely amazing!

Believe it!

Sole design in progress

New Balance Sole in SolidWorks

Look at the features!!!

~fans of New Balance~

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We Love Robot, never too old to play it

I love Robot!! It just like ....
Optimus Prime in Transformer movie….. “COOL MAN”…..
I was so excited when SolidWorks invite a certified customer highlight presentation from MEGA Brand, INC.

I was surprised to learn how much MEGA Design engineer fully utilize SolidWorks in their product development. This process all started when the team was presented with a request from marketing to create a new toy to fulfill the need in the product line. After initial sketches, the team begins with modeling different ideas in SolidWorks using the same design process. After a few ideas are modeled up, they are then printed out using rapid prototyping. This process allows them to quickly evaluate differences design concepts and determine which design should be need for further refined.

Haha, so steal some of your kid’s toys and start modeling them up in SolidWorks. Who knows, you might be a future toy designer having the time in your life.

Hurray! ....the REAL Robot

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Special Events: Animal Kingdom Tuesday Off-site Event

It might surprise you, but people love being bused down the road to an Amusement Park that looks like a small jungle. This small jungle was Disney’s Animal Kingdom and it turned out it’s not all that small. Nearly the entire group of 4300+ SolidWorks World attendees and guests took to the walkways, the roller coasters and the multiple tables of food.

Here’s some of the pics…
Pics from
Lou Gallo. Great shots Lou.

The dark and mysterious entrance.

People love to stand in lines at Disney. This one was for about 80 buses to ship’em over to the park.

The guides were kind enough to tell us were to go to eat delectable piles of food piled upon tables through the different areas of the park

There was a tree thing. It was huge and looked like it was carved out of one giant tree…

Here’s that tree closer up. It’s quite large don’t ya think. I wish there were tiny inhabitants popping out throwing things.Here’s a detail that looks drastically similar to John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’… I left quickly.

They had musicians being musical and dancing creature things. These guys were beating on stuff and it sounded DOPE. I could of hung out here all night but I was hungry.

Everest close up. I heard screams coming from within.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Guest Speaker in Solidworks World 2009: Sir Richard Branson

Here is some introduction of Sir Richard Branson from Solidworks Website

"Sir Richard Branson, Founder and President, Virgin Group
Sir Richard Branson is founder of the Virgin Group, consisting of more than 200 companies employing over 50,000 people in 30 countries, and recording more than $20 billion in 2006 revenues. An entrepreneur since the age of 17, Richard has built a variety of companies into global successes. From music and financial services to airlines and mobile telephony, the Virgin brand epitomizes innovation, exceptional customer service, and widespread customer loyalty. In the spirit of his own business activities, Richard started Virgin Unite, the not-for-profit entrepreneurial foundation that works together with business partners, non-profits, and Virgin Group employees on global environmental, educational, and health initiatives. Since 1985, Richard has also been involved in a number of world record-breaking attempts. Richard is married with two children."

During the first day of general session, Sir Richard Branson was introduced immediately after the video and was “interviewed” so to speak by SolidWorks CEO Jeff Ray. Sir Richard stressed the importance of talking to the consumer AT LENGTH BEFORE starting the design process. You have to understand the consumer’s needs fully before doing the design.


He spoke of his world record attempts in boats and hot air balloons as well as his early days starting the Student Magazine. He had a really funny story about how he got into the airline industry. He called Boeing up and told him who he was and asked them how he could get a second hand 747 to use as a test bed for some of his ideas. Once Boeing figured out who he was he was able to secure a plane pretty quickly. All of Sir Richard and his team’s ideas of what would make the ultimate airplane flight was put into place and the rest as they say…is history.

Sir Richard also told a story about how one of their new luxury airline seat designs were tipped off to one of their competitions. Once they saw their competitor’s seat design, they immediately scrapped their entire line. (scapped a Hundreds of millions of dollars project to be the best in industry) and redesigned the seat to be the BEST product out there…period. He also discussed many of his efforts to make the earth a more “Green” place. He once flew one of his Virgin Airline jets successfully on biofuel!


The Virgin Galactic name was registered back in the 1990’s. Sir Richard was ALREADY thinking about space flight then and began meeting with scientists and engineers in hopes of pioneering the effort. Of course that led him to Burt Rutan which resulted in the X prize award winning Spaceship One. Sir Richard says that Spaceship Two should have it’s first test flight before the end of the year. The first flights will be suborbital which is much like what was done with Spaceship One, but orbital flights are in the future as well!


What is the breakthrough of VIRGIN GALACTIC - SpaceShip One?
  1. The space shutter is Air Launch not Ground Launch. (Air Launch means short rocket burn which minimize toxic emissions)

  2. Light Resilient Composite Construction.

  3. Rocket Propellants Benign and Controllable.

  4. Unique Wing Feathering Technology for a Carefree and Heatfree Re-entry (this design is based on badminton shuttlecock)

  5. Reuseable Vehicle
Here is the Interview video about Spaceship One and Sir Richard Branson.

I personally like the animation video below as it shows the whole process of having a holiday in space. This video was showned on the 2nd Day of General Session of Solidworks World 2009. I had difficulty to search for this animation video but finally i found it at youtube and with Jason's help, i managed to convert these video files from youtube to MP4 and from MP4 to AVI. I hope that i am the first person who post this animation in solidworks related blog.

This successful REAL story is a combination of :


i hope you will like this post.

~ah lau~

The most funniest presentation in Solidworks World 2009

This happen on the 2nd day of General Session, just when we thought that the session is over. Suddenly, a strong music was introduced and the back drop changed to "WILL IT BREAK" , a sumo wrestler enters stage and Jeff Ray enters the stage as well. This was one of the most hilarious bits of a product presentation I’ve seen. Let's take a look at some pics.

You might wondered where is Jeff Ray? There are only 3 guys on stage. Not the white man! Definately not the Simo wrestler.........YES!!! the guy with red shirt who rides on the pink mini scooter is Dassault Systèmes Solidworks Corporation CEO, Jeff Ray. Unbelievable is it? Believe it!!

The highlight of this presentation are when the 400lbs sumo wrestler sit on that tiny pink scooter and later throw the scooter from air without breaking any parts of the scooter. Second unbelievable is it? Believe it because the scooter has been pre checked and tested by Solidworks Simulation.

Solidworks Corp has put these funny acts into Solidworks Website. In order to save your time, I had founded the link and you just need to click on pic below to view this hilarious presentation.

Enjoy it!!
~ah lau~


Hi all,
Is anyone of you missing me? Is anyone wanted to know what i did these few days?

Well, without asking too many questions from you that make you run away from this blog. Let me tell you where i have been these days.

I went to Orlando, Florida to attend Solidworks World 2009. Well, Orlando is quite far from Malaysia, it took us more than 30 hours to reach there, but i am going to bring all the information from Solidworks World 2009 to you without you to fly more than 30 hours to Orlando.....

This year Solidworks World 2009 held at Swan and Dolphin Hotel which are both within the area of Disneyland, Orlando. Below is the picture of Dolphin Hotel. Beautiful is it?

Solidworld World 2009 is divided into 4 days, pre-registration, 1st day, 2nd day and final day.

For you who want to know what is happen on the 1st, 2nd and final day general session please click on the link i attached.

1st day general session started with keynote from Dassault Systèmes Solidworks Corporation CEO, Jeff Ray and following by interview session with Sir Richard Branson. I will post another blog about Sir Richard Branson... but for you who want to know what Jeff Ray said in Solidworks World 2009, let check it out! (Click on the picture to play the general session video)

2nd day general session highlight will be Jon Hirschtick, Co-founder and Group Executive, Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation

Final day general session featured the top ten wish list of Solidworks user and top ten new features that will "probably" revealed in coming version of Solidworks.

Do you know who is this "botak" guy? He is Fielder Hiss, Director of Product Management.
I think that's enough material for this post. I will try my best to post some more if i am not too tired later.....
Well, it feels good when come home to Malaysia. The very first thing we did as we landed in Malaysia is find a local stall with local food and "makan puas puas" ......we miss Malaysia food too much...... ;-)
~ah lau~

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentine is coming!!

My love bear cute or not? If ah lau created his love cup, i also did create my love bear..and prototype it!!! Design with SolidWorks, and then use ZCorp Printer to prototype guys, do this to impress your girlfriend since valentine just around the corner...this will be such a meaningful gift since you design the gift by yourself, and cannot found at any store,very me!!