Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MetalTech Malaysia 2009

MetalTech Malaysia 2009 is coming again!!! It falls on 6 – 11 May 2009 at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur. It is one of the biggest MetalWorking and Machine Tools exhibitions in Malaysia. It is one of the most important events in South East Asia as well.

During the show you can get latest Technology update on CAD/CAM Systems, Prototyping Systems, Metal Cutting Machine Tools, Sheet Metal Processing & Metal Forming, Moulds & Dies, Metrology Equipment, Forging & Castings Equipment, Surface & Heat Treatment Finishing Equipment, Hardware & Power Tools, Welding & Fastening Industrial Automation, Factory Automation, Process Automation and many more.

While with the opportunities, SolidWorks will take part in the exhibition under IME Technology Sdn Bhd to bring the latest CADCAM, CAE technology to Malaysia market. A series of activities will taking place at IME booth at Hall 3, booth no:3410. Everyone who visits to our booth will have the opportunities to win away Grand Prizes! Visit our booth to discover the new technology and get consultancy on Design & Analysis / Reverse Engineering / 3D Rapid Prototyping / CNC Programming Machining.

If you intend to learn and be certified as a professional CADCAM, CAE user! Please visit us, there are promotion offered as well.

Without any charges, without any cost, just step into IME booth at Hall 3, 3410 you will gain the opportunities to win away GRAND GRAND GRAND Prize. DON’T Miss the opportunities! Mark down this event in your calendar NOW.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to Improve Solidworks Performance?

Time for tips and tricks again....many will asked question like this

"What are some basic tips to improving SolidWorks performance?"
So i got this tip from Lorono's Solidworks Resources website and here i will like to share with you on his best practice in improving Solidworks performance...
Below is the answer:

1) Document access and size:

Store and use related SolidWorks documents from a single folder on a local hard drive. Opening documents from a single folder on a local hard drive is faster and more stable than opening documents scattered across a computer’s hard drive(s), or from over the network. In fact, accessing documents across a network connection can be very slow and unstable.

SolidWorks part models and assemblies may be reduced in file size by using the File>Save As… function to save with the same name. (Further space savings may be realized if the file is saved as a different name, closed [including where-used assemblies], reopened and then Save as… to the original name.)

Another way to reduce the size of SolidWorks files is to use EcoSqueeze, a program that removes nonessential information from saved files. It should be noted that SolidWorks Corp. recommends against using such programs. This program is available under the Utilities category of this website's Downloads section. As with all downloads, use EcoSqueeze at your own risk. (you can download ecosqueeze by clicking the link, but again use at you own risk!!)

2) System and display performance:

Run solid models and assemblies with shaded display turned on. SolidWorks runs quickest in this mode.To force a solid model, assembly model or a drawing to completely rebuild and refresh, use the Ctrl+Q function.

Within the System Options under General, make sure Show thumbnail graphics in Windows Explorer is unchecked. If this item is checked, it will drastically slow down Windows Explorer when showing SolidWorks files.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Improve Your Car`s Performance By Solidworks

Original Flywheel
Flywheel ( New Design)

Hi all, this is my 1st time to drop my words here.
1st of all, do you have any idea on above photo ( special thanks to Mr.Ma and Nelson for the drawing and rendering ) ? Please continue your reading
Last few weeks, I received a Solidworks `s drawing from Mr.Ma. This drawing was a car engineer`s flywheel. So, may be you will ask , what was the interesting part on this drawing? is it will fly? Of course, this wheel will not going to fly to anywhere la.......
Original Flywheel

The interesting part of this wheel is , it modified by Mr.Ma to improve his car (PEUGXXXT)performance. I was shocked because it was the 1st time i heard from human being to improve the car performance by using Solidworks. According to Mr.Ma, after he design and modified this car`s flywheel, he sent the part( flywheel ) and the drawing to the Machining shop to modify. ( After 20++ years of living,I only know if want to change your car setting or modify your car, you need to send your car to the car service centre or workshop only ).

Mr.Ma told me that his new design concept was to make the flywheel become lighter. So, why lighter is better? A lighter flywheel requires less energy to be moved, allowing more of the net total force produced by the engine to go to the wheels, making the car quicker (please refer to for more information).

I feel very proud because Solidworks can help Mr.Ma to achieve what he need.
Solidworks helped in : 1) Design optimization.
2) Performance`s analysis
3) ETC...

Of course, the most important thing here is solidworks can assist us to design the thing you desire. Just like Mr.Ma done for his wife (car) . I can foresee that solidworks will come nearer and nearer in our life....Do you agree that?

By Leong

White House Playground Set Designed With SolidWorks

Today, I get some interesting information from SolidWorks APAC.

Clement, had posted some interesting links around SolidWorks, today our creative design had been posted in SolidWorks APAC, soon and soonest our designer will be recognize world wide.

Hahaha…. See, Lau’s Dice design with the highlight of the use of “Shape” features in SolidWorks had been posted.

Emm…. Off course we have to learn from other, through Clement informative SolidWorks link, I get some surprise information where SolidWorks are now in the market of children playground.

You will surprise, this White House Playground Set is Designed With SolidWorks, the president Obama can now watch his daughters playing through his Oval Office windows.

<Lets read more about this article>

Wedding Crown Pt 2

Hi....this is the result after add Nelson 3 carats diamonds ; )

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wedding Crown

Hi...long time didn't post finally i did design my jewellery....the wedding crown. Took about 1 hour to complete include rendering. So include a lot of surfacing, the rest just simple features. I still not satisfied, maybe later can improve the design ; ) Oh ya..maybe i can use the 3 carat diamond from Nelson to add to the crown....interesting...Got inspired from my coming wedding actually...hehe....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Designing in 3D is a blast with SolidWorks

This is a commercial advertisement to promote the products and services of Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. This interactive video showcast 5 categories of Solidworks Productline from:

1) Managing 2D Drawings
2) 2D to 3D Transition Tools
3) Ease of Use
4) Design Visualization and
5) Digital Prototype

After seeing these advertisements, i personally recommend "digital prototype" because it highlight tools or features in Solidworks that used to verify design before manufacturing like:

1)Interference Detection
2)Clearance Verification
3)Hole Alignment
4)Collision Detection
5)Stress Simulation
6)Displacement Simulation

(click on image below will lead you to the interactive video file)

~ah lau~

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

F1inSchools Race Car Design Project - Video

OMG!... Is this a student design?

I found this video from one of Solidworks Website. This video clearly shows that todays student can design a scale down model of F1, simulate wind tunnel analysis, create production drawing, create attactive and presentable animation and photorealistic rendering picture in Solidworks software. Yes, all these functions in one software - Solidworks. So why spending your time in learning many many softwares to perform something where you can do in one single solution?

After looking at this video, i am started to worry about my future now. If student can do these tasks nowadays, what am i going to do in future? Anyone of you have the same feeling as me?


~ah lau~

Monday, April 13, 2009

MooBella Vs SolidWorks


Innovating a fresh, made-to-order ice cream-making machine with SolidWorks
I Love ice-cream, just like Sew love Ice-Kacang. Today I found a success story from SolidWorks website on a "Ice-Cream making machine" from MooBella. I wonder, did Malaysia have this type of ice-cream making machine?

MooBella has pioneered a revolution in ice cream-making: a machine that makes a single serving of fresh, flavored-to-order ice cream in about 45 seconds. It is an automated machine that could produce individual servings of freshly made ice cream. Interesting right!!

Why MooBella and SolidWorks?? James Baxter, vice president of engineering, “in order to take the technology to the next level, we needed a design system that would support collaboration on a range of development efforts – involving sheet-metal designers, mold-makers, and other mechanical specialists – working in parallel. We needed a CAD platform to facilitate the development of separate design modules that we would bring together to complete the machine.”

Baxter says the choice of SolidWorks software was made because it is easy to use, provides innovative capabilities, and includes the visualization and communications tools that MooBella needs to sustain seamless collaboration with a variety of external partners and engineering resources. The company also valued the fully integrated product data management (PDM) and design analysis capabilities provided by SolidWorks Workgroup PDM and SolidWorks Simulation design analysis software.
EMM…. SolidWorks.... Such a Power full CAD Design Tool.
Let’s CLICK to see how and why SolidWorks being chose as MooBella CAD design tools?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


It's has been so time that i didn't compose new post in this blog, this is not because of i am lazy but i'm actually "working hard" to gather a series of good designs with others fellowship and share in this blog. (Excuses)

The one that i am going to share with you today is a "DIAMOND RING", designed and modeled by "Nelson". In order to ensure this ring has its copyright, he even carved his name on the ring body.

The first impression when i received this ring from him is " Wah....this diamond is very BIG"........and looking at it's size......this diamond is more than 3 carats...... later i fall into deep thought.....then i said to myself " Well, that is the advantage of having a 3D modeling Software, you can design anything at any size you desire at almost "ZERO" cost". Basically by having a 3D modeling software, we can designed anything that we can imagined.
Guys, i wondered how great it will be if we can use this ring for marriage proposal..... (ZERO COST as well)

Some words of suggestion to Nelson.

"Next Time Draw A Bigger Diamond!!"
Am i right ladies??
~Nelson/ah lau~