Monday Glance Time #5 - 3D Content Central

Hellooo~ Tyler here, sorry about that due to I am kinda busy recently, therefore I were unable to make this post at the very morning. ^^

Back to our topic, today highlighted, a useful website 3D Content Central. You may find alots of 3D CAD model inside and it is free-of-charge. Still in forest about this 3D Content Central? Easy, let's jump into the forest, and then you will know more about it~
3D Content Central - This is a community of both users and suppliers. Free parts and assemblies are available in all major 2D and 3D CAD formats.
Kinetic Sculpture - This is a fancy piece of exhibition inside the BMW Museum.
The Car Artist - -Waaooo~ When you drive this on the road, I'm sure that you will be the focused points of everyone~
SW tutorial 1: 20' rim - Come and learn, how to model a sport rim.
SW tutorial 2: Audi Car - Ever think of model a car?


  1. i like monday glance coz it keep me updated with what' new!

  2. yup, later i post another 1. Lamboghini with SolidWorks. :)

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