Happy Mooncake festival 中秋节快乐

Happy Tanglung Festival

Happy Mooncake festival

Happy mid-autumn festival

Here I would like to greet you all 中秋节快乐。。。 月圆,人团圆!(Happy mid autumn festival... moon round, happy reunion!)

In this special festival, I never forget to take a bite on the delicious mooncake, with compact filling of lotus paste. Tonight I'm going to eat more! More! More!

Do you know how a mooncake was made? Same size, same pattern and same taste? The process remind me a feature in SolidWorks, we call mold tools.

Like this. Get it?

Neh!~ just want to take this opportunity to show off my new toy- 3DVia Composer; generate illustration from my SolidWorks 3D model. With this tool, it make my presentation much more easier in term of explanation. It can generate varies output either static image or dynamic video, even in .html format to spice up your website.

More to come as now... is time to turn on mooncake mood. ^.^ 中秋节快乐!~


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