Friday, January 29, 2010

How to create a ring surrounding a bottle?

Hi all, here is the wine bottle that I share with you previously. Wish to know how to create a ring surrounding the bottle? Actually is very simple, you just need to do the follwoing steps:

1. Create an angle plane that intersect with the bottle body. Here, I will refer the angle plane to the current TOP Plane. Open a sketch on the TOP plane and draw a construction line as shown in the picture.

2. Then, when using the Reference geometry > Plane funtion, select the construction line to define the plane position and also the TOP plane as the reference to measure the angle.

3. With the angle plane, now we can create the path of the ring by using the "Intersection Curve" function. Basically, intersection is a function under "Tools> Sketch Tools> Intersection Curve which enable the user to define 3D curve to represent the intersection between 2 surfaces/solidbodies/planes.

4. Now, we can prepare the plane for the sweep profile. You just need to select the 3D curve and pick a point in order to create a plane normal to the curve. Then just draw a circle on the plane as the sweep profile.

5. Create the ring using seep function, define the 3D curve as sweep path and the circle as sweep profile.
6. After you get the 1st ring, just use the circular pattern function to get the 2nd and 3rd copy and play around with the angle of rotation then you will get the unexpected nice result!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Green Technology Financing Scheme

" Who able to adopt GREEN TECHNOLOGY will be the winner in the 21st century "

Above is the important phase by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak during his attendance to the "Green Technology Financing Scheme (GTFS)" official Ceremony this evening at Hotel Marriot, Putrajaya.
In the budget speech for 2010, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia announced the establishment of Green Technology Financing Scheme amounting to RM1.5 billion as an effort to improve the supply and Utilization of Green Technology . The Scheme could benefit companies who are producers and users of green technology.

The Prime Minister Said the fund was aimed at encouraging investment in green technology, green construction and innovation, adding the scheme would also encourage much needed foreign direct-investment and would support technology transfer and capacity building for local companies.
Below are the major improvement key areas as highlighted by Prime Minister:

1. Energy Sector
2. Buildings and Township Sector
3. Water and waste Management Sector
4. Transportation Sector

Najib Said, Malaysia was committed to playing its role in addressing climate change issues, including setting a carbon reduction goal of 40% by 2020 while investing in green technology, adding that the investments would allow the Government to build a progreesive and low carbon economy.

"These are ambitious plans for an ambitious nation. We must all play our roles - government and private sector alike.

What are we waiting for?
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Friday, January 22, 2010

transform in SolidWorks

Video speak all. Cool animation, cool transformation in SolidWorks animation.

For more video, log in to SolidWorks youtube page.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do you know how to improve your designs & save cost?

From the beginning until now, we didn't post any blog regarding analysis, right? Ok. I guess is time to start with an analysis blog. No long essay (for this time) but a fun way to start with. Below link will guide you to a quiz for some questions to be answer.

After this quiz, you will know more on how to improve your design and save $$$ with a 3d CAD, SolidWorks & SolidWorks Simulation.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Do not mislead by the PhotoView360 preview!

Have you ever encounter preview problem especially when you are trying to apply material such as water to your SolidWorks model? Supposingly when we drag in the "water" onto the solid body that we wish to apply, it will give us a transparent appearance, but most of the time, instead of transparent effect, the preview will give you black color! Don't get suprise with that, this is actually due to the level of preview quality setting! If the current setting for preview quality is "Good", try to increase the level to "Better" or even "Best", then you will notice that the water appearance will turn into transparent as what you expected!

Preview Quality Setting= Good

Preview Quality Setting=Better

The 1st picture is my design of wine bottle ! Wish to know how to make the "ring" along the bottle body and how to create the water inside the wine glass? Keep following SolidWorks Malaysia Community! Happpy reading~

Friday, January 15, 2010

Test drive- full house

A BIG thank for you support!~ It just the 1st month of 2010 and our test drive packed with 'explorers' who show interest to explore more about SolidWorks capabilities.

Business owners, young designers and representatives from  institutes reached our office early in the morning to attend our test drive. It all begin with a warm welcome refreshment in our newly renovated reception hall.

It was a half day hands-on training for them to explore the capability of SolidWorks. An experience instructor guide them throught the fastinating features available in the software and together we explore how SolidWorks reduce design time, eliminate human error and improve time to market.

For those who can't make it, it's okay. Just stay tuned @ our blog and from time to time we shall update our next test drive date. By that time, make sure reserve your seat early ho!~

Truly hope can meet up with you all agian and share the passion with you.

Anyway, preview on our Chinese New Year decoration. :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tips: Standard thread in library

Once I was asked by a customer about standard thread. He ask:

"My design ho, have thread at the end of my part but ho, your library have everything except standard thread le. So, I have to sketch the thread manually again and again le, how ar? Got faster solution?"

like this

Yes, most of us usually didn't model the thread in detail. But there are industries would need to do so. So, how? But since he using it most of the time, i suggest him to create his own library. Do you know how to create your own library? It definately save you a lot a lot a lot time. Below video guide you how to do it and I'm sure you'll say: Wah, so easy geh!~


wind walker~

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

another Car modeling with SolidWorks- Audi R8

Audi R8 model with SolidWorks. Nice, isn't it? So, again he answer a lot of you who asking can SolidWorks can perform complex surface modeling for car. After hours spent to model a R8, the designer is now ready to share his design and step by step to the world by capturing his step in a DVD.

Yes, he is selling his tips and steps. If you want to have a copy of it, you can purchase from him at this link,

by the way, inside the link there is a quick 5 minutes teaser to quickly show you some of the steps or you may enjoy the movie here.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Want to design your own glasses???

Hey friends, Happy 2010!~Wonder how you spend your holidays during last weekend? Well, I've enjoyed the shopping with my family and bought myself a cool sun glasses!Looking at my cool stylish sun glasses, I was wondering how SolidWorks can design this kind of stuff? I will say the frame is the core to decide how attractive and stylish the glasses will be, and this is also the portion where you need to handle well when design a glasses in SolidWorks!

If you look properly, you will notice actually the frame of the glasses is a 3D Curve. What is 3D curve? Picture below will be the best way to show you the difference between 2D &3D curve in CAD!
2D Curve

3D Curve
You can create several types of 3D curves by using these function provided in SolidWorks for example: projected curve, composite curve, helix & spiral, curve through reference/XYZ points. To handle the frame of the glassess, you can use projected curve. Projected curve can be applied whenever you want to project a sketch onto a model face / surface, or, when you want to obtain the intersection of sketches from two different sketch planes (intersection planes).
To use this function, 1st, you need to sketch out the shape of the glasses from front view and definetly the sketch will be located on front plane:
shape of the glasses from front view
Then, Open another sketch on right plane, you will need to figure out the shape of glasses how it looks from side view:
shape of the glasses from side view
Next, go to Insert >Curve> Projected…Use option : "Sketch on Sketch", select the two sketches and from the preview you will see the shape of the new curve:
If you try to predict the output of projected curve, in fact it is the intersection of two surfaces extruded out from the selected 2D sketches:

intersection of two surfaces
The projected curve can be used as the sweep path when you try to create the frame and also as the boundary of the glasses, just apply the "Filled Surface" function to fill up the boundary:
Filled Surface

The glasses

This is the rendered image of my simple design. I did it during a boring night~

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Koenigsegg coming to Malaysia!

Wow... it's like a dream come true. After my post fastest car in the world, a news from  stated that Naza group of companies soon will offer the Koenigsegg supercars. It make me think is it my post inspired Mr. CEO of Naza to give a call to Koenigsegg? (dream on)

Complete article here. It's coming!

ps: Anyone want to organize a visit to Naza once the sweet baby land on Malaysia?