Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to draw a knurling?

There is discussion in my ChatWorks, discussion how to model a knurling in SolidWorks. It not difficult, just that it consume quite a lot of memory. So, below video capture the steps. Hope this is helpful.


note: I received a few followers complaining the video hang too long. Ya, I purposely put it to let you roughly estimate the time needed to load the final feature which consume lot of memory. So, it was not any technical  error or what.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Monday Glance Time #3 - Reverse Engineering with Faro Arm~

Hi guys & gals, mr.Tyler's Monday here again. Still remember the 3D printer that i introduced last week? Since we have 3D printer, there must be a 3D scanner to be introduced as well.. This Monday, i would like to highlight on the technology of reverse engineering, FaroArm, a measurement tool and it can be a 3D scanner on the other hand~
Faro Arm -To convert a real object into a 3D cad file is never a difficult job with Faro Arm.
Shell Helix Ultra Transparent Car -This is absolutely remarkable, a transparent car that you can see how the oil works inside of the engine.
CAD song -A song for CAD by They Might Be Giants.
Obscura Cuelight Pool Table -$200000, Is it worth of Fancy for the pool table?
Yanko Design -Fresh ur mind by looking at their creative design.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CAD Chair, Breakfast Maker or Workbench? Have you vote?

An interactive web series.

Jeremy Luchini hosting an interactive web wereby we can vote for which project to kick start. Currently 3 projects open for posting; CAD chair, breakfast maker or the workbench. The project with most vote will be the 1st project to kick start and together we shall involve in giving idea on that particular project.

Out of surprize, i voted the breakfast maker and found that it was the less voted project. Maybe most of started to forget about how important is breakfast to us. Haha!~

Okay, vote vote vote! It going to close the voting soon. Act fast. :)


A bit about Jeremy:

Jeremy Luchini is a mechanical engineer, avid traveler, and custom vehicle enthusiast with 18 years of experience in design engineering. Throughout his career, Jeremy has helped create everything from games and musical instruments to machine tools and sports cars. Innovative companies like MegaBrands, Line6, and HAAS Automation have been known to draw on his considerable talents.

Over the past nine years, Jeremy has also worked at DS SolidWorks training and certifying thousands of advanced users. Most recently, Jeremy partnered with SolidWorks customer Factory Five Racing to build a high performance, hybrid dragster which was unveiled at SolidWorks World 2010.

Not surprisingly, Jeremy also designs in his spare time. His personal projects include creating his own drag race-influenced chopper and refurbishing a 1967 Jeep Kaiser M-715 military troop carrier – which he commutes to work in every day.

Gasoline Station: Display for Dimension Names

For you information, since 2010, the Show Dimension Names setting is now controlled and saved per document instead of for all documents as a system setting.

Previoulsy (SolidWorks 2009 and before), this setting was controlled under Tools>Option>System Option>General...
In SolidWorks 2010, you just need to on and off the display under View>Dimension Names, or, from the Heads-up View toolbar, click, Hide/Show Tems>View Dimension Names:
View>Dimension Name
Heads-up View Toolbar

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Glance Time #2 - It's 3D Printer~

Nice Monday again, I'm Tyler here. Today, I'm gonna to share you some interesting information to balance ur depression due to working and studying again~ Take a look~
3D Printer - If you ever think that printer only prints 2D images on paper.. You are in a deep wrong, watch this!!
CNC Spider - With this in future, we may make it climb to everywhere to do the CNC jobs..
Skinput - Keyboard? Mouse? Touch Screen? That's the old ways to deal with ur input to computer.. Now, one more choice for you~
iPad with Alice - With this, no more kids hate to study the books anymore.. look at this! Alice in Wonderland in iPad.
Iron Man 2 - Another Massive 3D Movie again, don't miss of it~

Sunday, April 18, 2010

3rd National Inter-Varsity Design Competition 2009-Finale

Sorry for my late post. Don’t blame me, blame the internet service provider. Okay la, I also quite busy for this week Simulation Seminar for E&E industries.

Okay, if you follow our Facebook fans page, last 2 weeks we had kick-started the online voting for most preferred student design. Big thanks for your participation and the final result, Eco-drill won the online voting with over 600 votes.

3rd National Inter-Varsity Design Competition- finale was held in an auditorium hall at Technology Park Malaysia (TPM), thanks to our co-organizer, MAD Inc for the wonderful venue. On that day, the top 10 team which short listed from over 20 submissions; was given 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes of Q&A from the judges’ team of 7.

Within these 15 minutes, team would need to perform their best to sell their innovative invention and convince the judges that their design is the best of the best. These 15 minutes really tested our participants in term of presentation skill and their capability to sell their design. A successful inventor should capable to design great product and market their product.

No doubt, they can design well but not all team performed their best on the stage, especially in front of the judges’ team, formed by representative from SIRIM berhad, Malaysia Design Council (MRM), Sapura Research, SolidWorks Corp. & a local famous inventor (representative from MACRI), Mr. Robest Yong. The heat is up when the presenter challenged by the judges in the Q&A session. They managed to perform their best in answering all judges’ questions, shown they were well prepared and understand their design very well.

Sentimental moment~ during the lunch break, I realized that one of the participants invited his parents to join in the event. Parents are invited to give their moral support and it really touched my heart. I wish my parent will do that for me as well. For coming event, I hope to see more parents participate, to support and encourage their children to design. If we do not support local design, who else will do?

Is an honour that Yang Berhormat Senator Heng Seai Kei, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture, invited for the official award ceremony. An inspiring speech was given and follows by the most awaiting award ceremony.

This is the moment where all team is battling for, total cash prize of RM10, 000.00, SolidWorks licenses(sss) and prizes(sss) from our platinum sponsor, HP, which included the latest model of HP netbook for each of the winner!

And the winners are:

1st winner
Green Sweeper, USM

1st runner up
Water trap, USM

2nd runner up
Sea Wave and Wind Power Generator, TARC

Consolation :
#1 Ultimate Air Converter, UTEM

#2 Hybrid Green Charger, USM

Congratulations for all winners for claiming the best of the best. For the rest, you had showed your confidence and courage to present and to design. Don’t give up! There are always room for improvement and a lot of chances for you to prove to the world.

For more photo on the day, feel free to hit this link and join our fans page: CLICK ME or http://ccliangphoto.blogspot.com/2010/04/ime-solidworks-grand-finale-8th-april.html

See you again next year!~

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From CAD to CAM- simple and fast!

Hi friends,
This is a simple perfume bottle that I have come out during the last weekend:

Model rendered in PhotoView

Basically the feature of this model is simple. As you can see, the overall body shape can be created by extrusion base on the sketched profile. However, to make the chamfering along the the bottle, especially when the chamfer size is not equal, you will need to use some surfacing technique to handle it properly. Here, i have create a short video to share with you the techniques, hope you enjoy it!

I have sent the SolidWorks model for CNC machining! As you know, MasterCAM is a very powerful CAM software that can be integrated with SolidWorks. When the CAD file is read in MasterCAM, it can automatically generate the machine language- G-Code and sent to CNC machine to run the tooling. You can imagine how excited I was, when you model out something, you can see the outcome the next day!

Mock up by CNC machining, material: Acrylic

Friday, April 9, 2010

Monday Glance Time #1: Dyson's Magic

Hey guys~ I'm Tyler here, this is a brand new section, "Monday Glance Time". This section is gonna share some interesting informations with you whatever about the 3D and products design. Just.. relax.. Here we go!

Bladeless Fan - Dyson's magic? You must be freaking on me. A fan without blade, it's impossible, come'on~
Doosan CX - It is a pretty cool concept. There must be alots of fun to manipulate it. WOo~
Hypershot - Hypershot is one of the partner software of SolidWorks. It is a rendering software. Also, it is quite famous now in western countries.
Colour Picker - Always suffering from hideous torment of what colours to apply on your products? Come and mix ur own set of colours.
Prince of Persia - It's coming soon to captivate your senses with their fascinating 3D effects.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Improvement on my aircraft!

Dear Friends,

Thanks for you guys' comment, here I have done some little improvement on my rendering, as you can see now, my propeller is turning! Whew!

What I have done was, circular pattern the propeller to get few copies of them in the assembly, then change the appearance of the each propeller by gradually increase the transparency!
When you bring in the assembly into PhotoView 360, this is the result I get, aircraft with motion in my rendering! =)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Aircaft built in SolidWorks

"I believe I can Fly... I believe I can touch the sky...think about it every nigth and day...spread my wings and fly away......"

It was the 1st sunny day I met after a long raining season. My master was singing his favourite R.Kelly's song, riding on me flying freely through the sky.

The sky are blue, and the good weather really make me feel smart and energetic. In fact, it was my 1st try to fly on the sky!

I was born in 5th April, 2010 at Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur.
Yes, can you recognise I was designed in SolidWorks? My master has spend one whole day to sketch out my body shape, give me the strong and powerful wings with excellent aerofoil shape, fixing the propeller and wheels onto my body. Of couse, I was also tested with Stress and Flow Simulation to ensure that I can fly greatly and safely.
Finally, I was sprayed with her favourite red before brought to the photo session.

Here are some of my photo with different pose that has been captured by using PhotoView360!

Steady Pose

360 turn after make up with different color
(another version of me!) -Make up artist-Mr.Sew

With a Nice Background-- by Photographer Sew
(this is just the 2D background setup in PhotoView 360 Studio, my master didn't actually bring me to such a nice place. =p)

Coming soon, I will be invited by the director called-Motion Manager, to capture my cool flying action ! Thanks to my master who have born me with SolidWorks!

What's New 2010--Configuration Publisher

Configuration publisher is a customized user interface where user can define the variable of a model so that later it can be configured to obtain different version/combination of parts.

In the Configuration Publisher dialog box, you can create an interface for specifying configurations of parts and assemblies not only in SolidWorks but also in 3D Content Central. You can upload the models to 3D Content Central directly from the dialog box. On 3D Content Central, your end users use the interface to build the configuration they want. When they download your model, it contains only the configuration they specify.

How to create the publisher?

1. Decide the variable in design table.

2. Open the configuration publisher, drag the list box into the template.

3. Link the created parameter with the variable in design table, put it the allowable value for the variable as well.

4. You can preview and test the publisher. Save it.

5.In SolidWorks, the interface appears as a property manager where you can select a component configuration when you add the component to an assembly. You can start with a model with one or more configurations.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The power of PhotoView 360 & Photoshop

What's in common between Photoview 360 and Photoshop?
Both have the word: Photo. (laugh)

Okay, recently I found a blog, Jamie Koncept. The author shared a image which immediately capture my attention. This is it:

He combine the evil subsea transporter (rendered with Photoview 360) and a couple of nice underwater image. With the photoshop skill he learned, a nice photo was created. More detail, you can click here to his article.

Man, I really like this. triple thumb up!~

More from Jamie Koncept: http://jkoncept.blogspot.com/