Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tutorial: Curtain hook

When helping you mother to change the curtain, have you ever come across this thing?

Yes, it is a curtain hook.  This is the most popular type in the market and of course, you would find several of other design out there. But that is not the point; have you ever wonder how to create this curtain hook in 3D modeling? Well, it is pretty simple actually. All you need is a little imagination and the right tools to work on it!

Before making this part, let see what sketch tool or feature that might be necessary is. I’ve done my analysis (no need Simulations for this one, just need to figure out what is the best feature to be select and how to do it the fastest way) and this is my result.

Now, basically I need 3 features over here. A few Sweeps feature would do the main body and Extrude Boss together with Dome features will complete this part! Sounds simple and yet great! Dare to give it a try?

Here, I show you the steps by making it into a video.

Your end product will look like this. A bit of rendering might help you to visualize this part in more attractive way!

Warhamni (warhamni@cadcam.com.my) a.k.a 我爱你 (i love you),she is the trainer for CADCAM training centre, SolidWorks Authorized training centre. Although she join the team late but trust me, she's good in 'playing' SolidWorks and a fast learner. She can easily answer you in no time, with her lighting speed Kawasaki.

Monday, March 21, 2011

IME support task pane- Local support in your SolidWorks

Design is not something can be done in just a minute, not to mention on amendment work after the design is done. Most of the time you are required to change or hide the parts/components in specific area. Sometimes you might have forgotten what is the best method & still insist on this because it can save you 10 to 20 percent of design time. You are in a situation to think of someone that can help you out.
Remember during our 30th anniversary celebration, we announce that we put in an in-house program to reduce our communication and support boundary? Now, it is convenient to use a tool in Solidworks task pane, the "1 Click Instant Support" from IME support to ease your pain.

This instant support will send the issue straight to IME support server where we have engineers to check it daily in weekdays. With this tool, you are able to mount your files in Solidworks or snap photo of an error message and send to IME support. Just a simple click on the Red Button will brings you to next window.

Serial number : will be shown automatically in here
Subject : title for the issue
Attachment : Select the options "Opened Files, SnapShot, Attachfiles"
Description : Description how the issue occurs

Opened Files - current files opened in Solidworks will store in a zip file in assembly together with all the parts.
SnapShot       - Print Screen for current view
AttachFiles    -  Attach the files manually

Please take note on below setup to make sure your support we can recieve it.
Before send please ensure "settings" have to be filled up.
Email Address : user email (email@mail.com)
Server              : IP mail server (exp:
Port                 : port for outgoing server (SMTP). default will be port "25"
User name      : Leave it blank. Key in only if requires Authentication
Password        : Leave it blank. Key in only if requires Authentication
Hit on the "Save" button & Send the issue.

Ivan (wbtoo@cadcam.com.my), application engineer for IME Technology, a part time trainer and one of our dedicated technical engineer to solve your SolidWorks problem. Looking for singing partner? You may consider drop him a email (bill on you!)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

SolidWorks Apps

For smartphone users, more specific, Iphone users, you now can download SolidWorks app to learn about the new features in the 2011 SolidWorks product line.

What you get in it?

1. Check the new features and functionality for 2011.
2. Get the latest news on vision for the future
3. Tips and tricks
4. Register to virtual event
5. and MORE

The price? FREE~ Now search your App Store and download SolidWorks AP now.

p/s: Download the 3DVia Mobile as well if you want. :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Challenge 1 Answer

Hi everybody, have you figure out the answer?

Congratulation to those got the answer, for those still thinking the answer, please try this.

Apply Extrude feature for 3D sketch. 3D sketch allow you to put multiple sketch entities at different layer at a time.

Draw a well defined 3D sketch, then apply the Extrude feature. Define the direction of extrution (going up), and using Selected Contour to define the sketch.

Now you have your answer. Let’s try this. (same method)

Shu Yi (sychan@cadcam.com.my), application engineer for IME Technology, team up with Suhaila to find and figure out great tips and tricks to help you to save your time. She also in charge of providing best-in-class customer support services to all our customer.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Workshop: Achieving cost-effectiveness with SolidWorks Simulation

We are pleased to invite you to attend a hand on workshop “Achieving cost-effectiveness with SolidWorks Simulation

The workshop will focus on the use of Computer-Aided Design to experience the complete suite of SolidWorks structural,functional and flow analysis applications in the product development process. Design better products and predict the performance of product design under real world conditions with a complete simulation tool.

The event details are as below for your kind reference.
Date    : 25th March 2011 (Friday)
Time    : 9am – 1pm
Venue  : IME CTSP Center, Petaling Jaya

Should you have further enquiry about this event, please feel free to contact MR. Pete at 03 – 7783 6866 or write in via e-mail: slsin@cadcam.com.my

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tips & Tricks: Hole wizard/ Toolbox

Have you ever facing a problem that your own custom parts or parts saved out of Toolbox folder are still replaced with the standard Toolbox parts What is the problem? What could be the reason?
The answer is the New Option in SolidWorks 2011.
'Make this folder the default search location for toolbox components'

When this option is checked, if you open any assembly that contains some custom parts or some Toolbox copied parts (even though the parts are located in the same folder of assembly), SolidWorks will look for the files only in the Toolbox location that has been defined under the HoleWizard/Toolbox path. The parts will be replaced with native Toolbox parts from the Toolbox folder.

Prior to introducing this option, Toolbox files would be inserted from the Toolbox file location when added to an assembly, but did not always open from the same location later.  This caused confusion in some environments. The new option ensures that files always open from the specified Toolbox location.
If you frequently use copied Toolbox parts that exist outside of the Toolbox folders, then this option may be interfering with your setup.  Uncheck the option to restore the SolidWorks 2010 behavior.

Ken (skfoong@cadcam.com.my) is the Application Engineer (AE), specialist in SolidWorks and SolidWorks enterprise PDM for IME group of companies. He may not have a good fighting skill but he is good in providing solution to manage your company data.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tips & Tricks: Quick Dimension Changes

This time I would like to share something which may helps some of you who usually use mouse wheel to change the dimensions.
Making changes to the dimensions by scrolling the mouse wheel is actually moving the “Thumb Wheel” or some recognised “Spin Box”  on the modify window. As you scroll the mouse wheel or you click on the Spin Box, the dimension will be changed gradually by the specified increments.

The increment is actually you can set it under  >Options>System Options>Spin Box Increments. By default they are 10mm. This means that when you click the spin box the value changes by 10mm.

Here you can set you own increment units to be to ease you to quickly change the dimensions value.

Suhaila (suhaila@cadcam.com.my) beside a great singer, she is the trainer for CADCAM training centre, SolidWorks Authorized training centre. Her experiences in SolidWorks help to explore a lot of great tips and tricks to allow us to design faster.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Performance: Why is the Windows® 7 x64 operating system recommended?

I just read an interesting explaination on why Window 7 for SolidWorks 2011. Below are the reason:-

- Windows 7 x64 is a true 64-bit implementation (Windows XP was originally introduced as a 32-bit operating system)

- Microsoft® removed a crucial threading lock, which allows up to a (approximately) 30% increase in performance on some hardware.

- You'll see 20% - 30% improved battery life on laptops with Windows 7.

- Windows 7 is smarter about memory handling, and paging is more efficient- SolidWorks development work is done on Windows 7

- XP is no longer supported by Microsoft

Between Vista and Windows 7, Windows 7 has a smaller memory footprint, and has improved graphics resource handling with multiple windows. Both of these improvements have a positive impact on SolidWorks.

If you are looking forward to upgrade your hardware and OS, i bet you have no reason not to buy Window 7.

Challenge 1: multibody with 1 extrude?

Time to challenge your mind. Try to create this model only using 1 feature. Yes, one and it must be extrude, not revolve. *evil*

It will help you more familiar with the feature in SolidWorks. Let me know the answer. ^.^

Shu Yi (sychan@cadcam.com.my), application engineer for IME Technology, team up with Suhaila to find and figure out great tips and tricks to help you to save your time. She also in charge of providing best in class customer support services to all our customer.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tips & Tricks: Closed Corner for sheet metal

Let’s talk about a feature in sheet metal, closed corner. I had created a part using sheet metal.

But I have a situation here, after I flatten it, there is a gap (Highlighted in red circle).

But I don’t want the gap, so I decided to remove the unwanted material; to make it became the same like the image on the right hand side. How can I do so? Yes, with the help of closed corner.
First, we measure the gap (show in the picture below). Say, the gap is about 2.82843mm.

Now, we can start to remove the unwanted area. Go to Insert – sheet metal – closed corner. Select the according to the picture below. Select Butt for Corner type, fill in the gap value as we measured just now and uncheck the Narrow corner.

Click okay and there you go; you’ll get what you want. Give a try.

Jackson (jacksonlim@cadcam.com.my) is part of the team member who good in sufacing skill in SolidWorks. You won't believe it until you see some of the exotic cars he model with SolidWorks.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Performance: Is Your Graphic Card Certified? (part 2)

Do you have a graphic card installed in your machine (what a lame question)? If yes, wondering is the graphic card in used is supported by SolidWorks? If you are not sure the answer, I can guide you how to get the answer.

Go to Start Menu > All Program > SolidWorks 2011 > SolidWorks Tools > SolidWorks Rx.
In SolidWorks Rx window, select the Diagnostics tab.

The highlighted column will show you the graphic card model that installed in your machine. The diagnostics result will also let you know either is your graphic or the driver for the graphic card is supported by SolidWorks application.

If you are looking for a graphic card, you can always go to the following link to look for the certified graphic card as well as the certified graphic card driver.

You may do the selection of the graphic card based on your SolidWorks Version; Operating System or preferable graphic card vendor.

Too many models for you? Choose the right one based on your budget. ^.^

Chan (wlchan@cadcam.com.my) is the Application Engineer (AE), specialist in SolidWorks and SolidWorks simulation for IME group of companies. His analytical skill solve a lot of customers' stress and fatigue.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Seeding a better tomorrow

To meet the concerns of the environment, IME Technology Sdn Bhd as the frontline of solution provider of industry’s most ubiquitous MCAD software application SolidWorks, take seriously their responsibility to educate and convey the message to everyone involved in product design.

In an informative event to share how SolidWorks Sustainability can help determine how much carbon footprint release throughout a product life cycle. It all begins from the product design stage, where one can create the optimum design for minimum impact to our precious earth.

We showed two different ways to create the optimum product design.

First method is the choice of material. SolidWorks Sustainability provides the best sources of different materials take can apply in any kind of product and generate the Life Cycle Assesment report of product design with the material choosen with just few click away.

Second method showed how to reduce material usage which will result in carbon footprint reduction.

Participants from varies industries were impressed and understood better after the event how easily it is to use SolidWorks Sustainability to design products with reduced carbon footprint before they even begin to manufacture the actual product. “It is a cost-effective way for us to determine how our product prototype will impact the environment.” said one of the participants Mr. Arif

Mr. Sew, IME’s assistant product manager said” We look forward to encouraging more business owners and product designers to consider the environment right from product design stage. This will actually minimize environmental impact and will also be a big cost saving for the business in the long run.”