Challenge 1: multibody with 1 extrude?

Time to challenge your mind. Try to create this model only using 1 feature. Yes, one and it must be extrude, not revolve. *evil*

It will help you more familiar with the feature in SolidWorks. Let me know the answer. ^.^

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  1. Ok, I admit... this is new.

    I notice that there 7 solid bodies (doesn't merge with others) and if not mistaken, its like repeated from a single sketch.. but how? curse you... messing with my brain. /cry

    Btw, what Solidworks version you do making this?

  2. SolidWorks 2011. Try figure awhile. Answer will appear when the time come.

  3. Izzit ONLY can be done in SW2011 version?

  4. when will we get an answer? It's driving me crazy!


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