Performance: Why is the Windows® 7 x64 operating system recommended?

I just read an interesting explaination on why Window 7 for SolidWorks 2011. Below are the reason:-

- Windows 7 x64 is a true 64-bit implementation (Windows XP was originally introduced as a 32-bit operating system)

- Microsoft® removed a crucial threading lock, which allows up to a (approximately) 30% increase in performance on some hardware.

- You'll see 20% - 30% improved battery life on laptops with Windows 7.

- Windows 7 is smarter about memory handling, and paging is more efficient- SolidWorks development work is done on Windows 7

- XP is no longer supported by Microsoft

Between Vista and Windows 7, Windows 7 has a smaller memory footprint, and has improved graphics resource handling with multiple windows. Both of these improvements have a positive impact on SolidWorks.

If you are looking forward to upgrade your hardware and OS, i bet you have no reason not to buy Window 7.


  1. Most important key point of 64 bit Windows OS is the capability to utilize more than 4GB of RAM in your system.

    On 32 bit OS, you will just stuck with below 4GB due to "memory mapped IO reservations"..thingy.
    Its architectural decision made long ago by Microsoft, when the processor speed kinda slow..

    Bottom line is, if you install 32 bit OS on 8GB system, it will only detect and functioning 4GB only.

    Im a ex-employee at Intel, Software Validation Eng.

  2. mean no use to install 8GB in 32bit system?


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