SolidWorks 2012- mouse

Never ever though that my 1st time (SolidWorks 2012) gave to a mouse, in less than 5 minutes.

SolidWorks surfacing just get better and better. It just a screenshoot with photoview 360 integrated preview. Any change of orientation will instantly update with realistic preview. It's nothing new in SolidWorks 2012 but it fun to share this, in case you don't know that we have this 'cool' feature.

BTW, congratulation to all 3 winners again!~


  1. Vectorworks and solidworks are mainly used for Specialist i know some people used them in there master degree so if you can learn to use them it will be so useful but photo-shop and google sketch-up can be used by lots of people and very easy to be used..... . i recommend that you use Vectorworks it has some good products for design, machine design and architectural design.... Solidworks perth


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