Friday, October 12, 2012

New product: SolidWorks plastic

A big thanks to you who attended our SolidWorks Innovation Days 2012, either in Penang, KL or Johor.

During the event, Mr. Lau, Product Manager of IME Technology, announced 3 new products launched by DS SolidWorks; SolidWorks Electrical, SolidWorks Plastic and the eDrawings Pro for iPad. We all are exciting with the new products added into SolidWorks family and i believe it will be one of the great tool to suit into your current workflow.

During the sharing, Mr. Lau also described SolidWorks Plastic as "The best plastic injection advisor right in front of your desktop". I can't agree more! SolidWorks Plastics brings injection molding simulation directly to plastic part designers and injection mold designers. 

Printscreen of SolidWorks Plastic in action
Some of the key benefits of SolidWorks Plastics are helps to predict and avoid manufacturing defects during the earliest stages of design, eliminating costly rework, improving quality, and accelerating time-to-market. Fully integrated with SolidWorks CAD, this intuitive software helps part designers, mold designers, and mold makers optimize designs for manufacturability without leaving their familiar 3D design experience.

I try to hold myself from putting to much technical explanation into this sharing. the reason is pretty simple, you can go to SolidWorks website to find out more about SolidWorks Plastic, in detail. 

We are in the mid of arranging some workshop for interest users to participate and explore more. Visit our blog more for latest update on the latest products update. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pre SolidWorks 2013 launch: SolidWorks 2012 Recap

SolidWorks 2013 will go live in October. Every new release of SolidWorks includes many enhancements and improvements, most in direct response to customer requests. While we are busy preparing for coming SolidWorks Innovation Day 2012 to LIVE SolidWorks, it goods to recap what are the top enhancements in SolidWorks 2012.

Make your life easier on saving the recap top enhancement of SolidWorks 2012, making it into PDF will be more handy for you. So, click on below link to download.

By the way, do not forget to share this great information with you friends. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Event: Product Development Day (Penang)

Penang Kia, We're coming!

After the success of IME Open day in Klang Valley, we can't wait to bring similar technology sharing and travel all the way up to north to share a complete product development technology.

Want to know what is the update in CADCAM industry? Explore how to enhance your Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Join us to learn about the latest product development technology in Penang Skill Development Centre (PSDC). You will definitely get different solutions for your organization.

Theme: Product Development Day
Highlight: Learn the latest product development technology
Location: Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC), Penang
Date: 15 & 16th Aug 2012
More Information : CLICK HERE

See you there!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Feature, Freeze

Parts with many features can sometimes result time wasted for rebuild the model. The last thing you want is to change a feature and then find that you have to wait for the feature tree to rebuild.

New in SolidWorks 2012, feature freeze gives control of these updates to the user. Designs can be frozen in time and locked so that they never require updates. Additional features can be added safely with the knowledge that minimal update time is required to edit and work on the design.

By default, feature freeze is not enable automatically upon installation of SolidWorks 2012

To enable feature freeze option:

Go to Tools > Options > System Options > General > Select Enable Freeze bar > Click OK.

The yellow freeze bar appears at the top of the Feature Manager design tree.

Feature freeze allow you to exclude features from rebuilds of the model. The freeze bar controls the point at which a part's FeatureManager design tree rebuilds. Features above the freeze bar are frozen- you cannot edit them, and they are excluded from rebuilds of the model. Freezing a portion of a model can be useful if you work with complex models with many features. Freezing the features helps to :

• Reduce rebuild time

• Prevent unintentional changes to the model

More information about feature freeze?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Aerodynamic design with SolidWorks flow simulation

Sharing with younger generation is a noble task. I never bored of giving talks and inspiration to students that passionate on innovation and design.  Let’s think, back to your teenager age, how many of you know about 3D CAD? Even 2D CAD is not in our mind. We just know about sketching with our favorite 2D pencil and ruler. Isometric drawing view? That’s killing me!

Last week, I had a visit to Melacca. Satay celup and nadaje layer cake is part of the reason. The main course is to give a sharing to a (big) group of secondary students who are in a competition. 1st of all, I’m jealous as they have this great exposure but no doubt, it’s a great start for them. Most of them knew SolidWorks basic modeling technique for a national competition – F1 in school.

This is Formula One 

This is Formula Student

This is F1 in school

Part of the presentation, I talked about flow simulation. I always have this worry is that are they too young to talk about flow simulation? Do they know about drag and lift force? Again, they gave me another surprise; they are good in this too! Mainly because of the competition, they need design a scale down CO2 formula 1 to compete with others. The main considerations are the weight and the aerodynamic design of the vehicle. Weight can easily monitor in SolidWorks but apply the right material.

SolidWorks flow simulation offers them a straight forward wizard base setup for external flow which allows them to learn flow simulation, easily. They can study the air flow over the vehicle. With better visualization, flow simulation gives a better insight on the pressure acting onto the design as well as the velocity. Like I said in the sharing, you don’t want your vehicle to have lift force instead of down force. If you have lift, your sport car will fly when ‘pump’ out from the compressed CO2. A cross section at your spoiler will let us know the pressure distribution above and below the design. Easily, you know your design is a car or a plane.

A cut section of flow simulation result

3D flow trajectories of a flow pattern

Okay, I try stopping myself to talk too much on technical feature. Just one last point to highlight, you can set an equation goal to calculate the drag and lift force. Example, coefficient of drag (Cd) can’t be obtain directly but other known value can be set a goal. At the end of the calculation, you have the drag and lift for you to compare the result. Easy?

sample result

After the sharing, I saw a lot of young and passionate designer. Truly wish with the assistant from a great tool – SolidWorks and SolidWorks flow simulation, they can visualize their imagination and design better and faster dragster to win the F1 in school competition. All the best young man!

Click here to know more about F1 in school

Click here for more product information about SolidWorks flow simulation

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Friday, June 1, 2012

IME SolidWorks in Metaltech Malaysia 2012

Great Show! IME Group teams gained a great experience in the Metal Tech Malaysia Exhibition 2012 which was held on the 15th – 19th of May at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur. 

This is one of the biggest and highly specialized event for MetalWorking and Machine Tools exhibitions in Malaysia and one of the most important events in South East Asia as well. IME Group possess 10 booths in total at Hall 1 (Booth no: 1513) and Hall 3 (Booth no: 3410). With the huge exposure, various activities was taking place at IME booth; one of it was everyone who visits to IME Group booths will have the opportunities to win away 3D2N Stay in Phuket/ Bali.

SolidWorks corner

While with the opportunities, SolidWorks was take part in the exhibition under IME Technology Sdn Bhd to bring the latest CADCAM, CAE technology to Malaysia market. During the show, our engineers provided consultancy on Design & Analysis / Reverse Engineering / 3D Rapid Prototyping / CNC Programming Machining to the visitors who are looking solutions for their organization. IME Cadcam Training Centre provided promotion for different CADCAM Training to those who intend to learn and be certified as a professional CADCAM, CAE user during the exhibition. 

welcome to our booth

What takes us so long to prepare, happened in a flash and leaves behind a sweet memories for us to remember. There is a quote that says “A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever” and this quote really fit my feeling for the Metal Tech 2012 Exhibition. With a total of 5 days in the Metaltech Exhibition, IME Group team manage to meet up with numerous business owners, engineers, designer and visitors from various industries. IME Group wish to extent our professional and services to everyone who involve in CADCAM industry.

Below are some of the pictures from this memorable event. 

Setting up our 'orange' booth

The arrival of YB Dato' Sri Mustapa Mohamed, Minister of International Trade and Industry Malaysia.

Mr Teoh, Director of IME Group of Companies explaining Rapid Prototyping technology with YB Dato' Sri Mustapa Mohamed
Spot the "Objet"

SolidWorks running on 2 27" Hp monitor
I always like the big 'FREE' wording

Visit by big group of customer

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

glove phone - inspired by The Avengers

Skip the intro and accept the fact - we all watch this movie, the Avengers.

The best part about a group of superheroes - at least  one that suit your taste. Who is yours? Mine is Captain America. Well, Thor too. Sometime, Hulk too.

If you compare back the old school The Avengers, Iron man is the ugliest 'tin' man in this group of heroes and less attractive compare the rest. Even in video game, normally I'll skip the 'tin' man.

Fast forward to year 2012, Iron man now is the most 'technology' driven, equipped with latest gadgets on his body and a talking system that far more better than SIRI. Not to forget his cool rides as well. So wish that I'm Tony Stark; "Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist."

Not just me, I guess. Bryan Cera is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he’s studying for an MFA in Art and Technology. he’s created this very “Iron Man” type gloves known as the ‘Glove One’ concept – that even incorporate a working phone!

How he do it? thanks to Objet Connex multi-material 3D printing system.

Using CAD software, I designed components around that circuit. Aside from the used phone’s electronics, 12 smt switches, and few micro bolts and nuts, everything was designed by me and then fabricated via 3D printing, laser cutting, or CNC milling. I outsourced the 3D printing to Ponoko, a 3D printing service, who printed the components on an Objet Connex.”, Bryan said.

A very impressive innovation. Bravo! wish you all the best to Hollywood. (maybe catch you in The Avengers 2?)

More detail about the Iron Man style phone, feel free to click below link to find out more.

OBJET BLOG - Iron Man Style phone glove

PONOKO BLOG (more detail) - Glove mobile phone

Guys, time to think what else we can design with the best CAD, SolidWorks and Objet machine.

Night guys~

p/s: btw, anyone can tell me why The Hulk can be transform as he wish? So confusing.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sharing : Rapid Prototyping with Objet

Rapid prototyping is nothing new nowaday. With rapid prototyping, easily we turn invention ideas into functional prototype. Today what i would like to share is not just purely a typical 3D printer but it comes with the capability to print multi-material simultaneously.

Below is an article from which i read and felt that this article must be share with my fellow readers. A story about turning 'ultimate lap and desk stand for your pad, tablet or e-reader' into a functional prototype with Objet Connex multi-material 3D printer.

Turn Invention Ideas into Functional Prototypes – with Objet Multi-Material 3D Printing

Bernie Graham is a Canadian inventor. Together with Seattle-based industrial designer Jim Young, he invented the PadPivotTM. Labelled as the 'ultimate lap and desk stand for your pad, tablet or e-reader', the PadPivot features an ingenious hinged design that can be folded up small enough to fit in a hip pocket.

The designers approached Quickparts, one of North America's largest providers of custom designed parts to help them produce the PadPivot prototype.
To accurately replicate the moving hinges, rigid supports, and rubber overmolds, Quickparts turned to the Objet Connex multi-material 3D printer to create the complex dual-material prototype required. This is the only 3D printing technology able to simulate both rubber and rigid elements within a single prototype. Using this technology, Quickparts was able to reproduce the overmolded parts in half the time of conventional overmolding processes.

With Objet multi-material prototype in-hand, Bernie and Jim were then able to move to the next stage- effectively promoting their intended PadPivot product. They produced a series of videos and demonstrations using the life-like model and to cut a long story short, they managed to get their design successfully into production within their intended deadline.

The PadPivot story is a great example of 3D printing solving real business challenges. Along with making mass production more efficient and effective, the ability to better facilitate new inventions is the second major advantage that 3D printing can convey to advanced economies – not at some point in the future – but here and now.

Hope you enjoy it, more objet blog, read here:

Friday, March 2, 2012

Faster, Easier Simulation Helps You Create Better Products

Traditionally, simulation technology assumed the role of the final design checker in product development. Analysis was performed at the end of the process (prior to physical testing) to validate design performance. Yet, today’s lightening fast workstations and fully integrated simulation software packages enable engineers to leverage analysis in an entirely new way: to drive design optimization and innovation upfront rather than just checking design performance at the end.

New processors, software turn desktop into supercomputer

Faster computers combined with more finely tuned and easier-to-use software have truly brought analysis capabilities to the desktop. With the development of Intel Xeon processors with multi-threaded, multi-core capabilities and CAD-integrated SolidWorks Simulation software, which is optimized to take advantage of multi-core processing during both the meshing and solution steps, analysis can now be done in minutes or hours.

The largest performance boosts in SolidWorks Simulation relate to multi-core processing – the more processing cores that you have available, the faster your model will mesh and solve with SolidWorks Simulation. By taking advantage of Intel multi-core processing technology to split and run simultaneous processes on multiple cores. These performance gains make SolidWorks simulation software and multi-core Intel Xeon processor-based workstations the perfect combination for driving simulation-based design.

Simulation increase profitability

Using integrated SolidWorks Simulation software on an Intel Xeon processor-based workstation during conceptual design can help your company increase profitability in several ways.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->11. Shorten time-to-market by optimizing your design
<!--[if !supportLists]-->22. Drive your design process ensures that designs are validated, free of errors,   
     and ready for production.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->33. To compress and shorten your prototyping and testing cycles, providing 
     additional time and cost savings.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->44. Streamline manufacturing processes resulting in more efficient material 
     usage, lower levels of scrap, rework, and reduce manufacturing costs.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PhotoView 360: F-117 Nighthawk

*Remark: This was a blog written by a trainee. His SolidWorks is amazing and I believe he’s going to have a great future ahead.

Hi ~ A good day to you all~

Here I would like to share with you all with my current plane – F-117 Nighthawk. The method to use is using surface + solid modeling, or call normally we known as Hybrid Modeling. It’s best for complex modeling and under surface modeling course.
This is shown the bodies of F-117 Nighthawk have done, of course I would like to make it more realistic and attractive for you all to continue reading my blog.  So, I use PhotoView 360 to keep thing interesting. With the integrated rendering tool, I no longer need to leave SolidWorks interface to perform photo rendering. Let check it out~ how it look in final design with rendering effect.
This is the top look of the aircraft.
The front view, look alike with actual aircraft?
Maybe adding an image (sky) at behind to show my jet in action in the air? Let’s have a look~

Hope you enjoy my work. Now, do you all fully utilizing your current SolidWorks feature? Do you agree PhotoView 360, is easy?

If you think you are not using 100% of your SolidWorks, consider to attend our compliment Tips & Tricks class for fellow follower. Register here.
Or you want to learn how to model this? I can help to arrange with our trainee.

Thanks you for reading, have a nice day ~ ~*

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stay competitive in the Flatten world

Support, upgrades, new versions, special releases, add-on features, webcasts—all designed exclusively for SolidWorks  Subscription Service members—improve your performance and productivity, keeping you competitive in the flatten world. Purchasing a subscription gives you these valuable support resources.

Stay productive
To enhance your investment in SolidWorks software, you get comprehensive support from IME to coach you through any challenge. You can even talk to Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. experts, who can operate your desktop (if you approve).
Stay knowledgeable
In addition to live support, subscribers get full access to the SolidWorks Knowledge Base, an expansive Web-based library of in-depth information and resources. Besides that, IME offer an inclusive what’s new training for new version upgrade and any one of the advance training, by your choice.
Stay cost-effective
Subscription Services are one or three-year contracts that offer discounts and rock-solid price protection for the term of the contract. Being able to predict your costs let you free up money for other engineering investments.
Extensive 2D and 3D content
Enjoy direct access to a comprehensive library of drawings, parts, assemblies, and features contributed by SolidWorks users around the globe. Drag and drop models directly into your design projects and save yourself hours of design time.
Special privileges
As a Subscription Services member, you can directly influence the future development of SolidWorks software by requesting specific enhancements. Subscription Services members initiate more than 90 percent of the hundreds of new enhancements in every version of SolidWorks. Not to forget all-access to any seminar or workshop held by IME. Be the first to receive our special invitation.
What are you waiting? Get more information or promotion update with us.
1300-88-CSWP (2797)
“With subscription I have access to information and resources I might not have otherwise. I fully believe I get my money’s worth.”
Wayne Tiffany
Automatic systems

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hardware selection

New year, new version. Got the new SolidWorks 2012 but hardware is not up to specification since it was bought 5 years ago. Bet it’s time for a new hardware. I did some study and let me share some important information for you to take into consideration when searching for the right hardware for the right (design) job.
Remember these 5 hardware components which dictate SolidWorks Performance: CPU (number of cores, speed), RAM (how much, speed), Hard drives (how many, speed), Graphics Card and OS Selection (32bit or x64). Let’s see how SolidWorks utilize all these components:

Refer below example of typical command:-
Open file: multithreaded (One core for file one, one core for generating display window)
Rebuild: Single thread
Feature addition: multithreaded
Save file: Single thread
Update drawing view: multithreaded
PhotoView 360 rendering: support multi thread

Users should evaluate RAM usage subject to their own environment.  One way to know the potential of RAM require, is open all the typical applications that use for whole day, open SolidWorks with one of the biggest file size you have.  Open task manager and review Available Physical Memory on the Performance Tab.  Consider adding more RAM to the PC if it indicate that it running close to out of RAM.
Please note that the 6GB and above recommendation is for 64 bit operating systems only.  If using a 32 bit operating system, then the operating system will not recognize more than 4 GB.
Graphic Card

The basic guideline, if it is a larger model, mean it have more triangle, then you need a better graphic card. For this, I would like to recommend you to refer to SolidWorks website and get a certified graphic card that best suit your budget, just that simple.
Operating system

Window OS is what (and only) you need to consider. For the time being, SolidWorks only run in Window OS. My advice, always goes for the latest OS (currently is Window 7). You want your hardware to support at least few versions of SolidWorks, right? In term of 64-bit or 32-bit, why 32-bit when Windows doesn't add a cost factor, since the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows both cost the same. Chan (our SolidWorks expert) found an interesting sharing about 64-bit Windows. Click below for to understand more about 32 bit and 64 bit.
Hope my study and web research on the best hardware configuration for your SolidWorks usage helpful. Drop me a comment if have any question and I will try my best to answer you.
Just a quick wrap up, ask yourself, what function would you like to be faster?
Rebuild –Faster CPU
Analysis –More CPU cores, More Ram
Rendering -More CPU cores, More Ram
File Open –Faster Hard drive

Oh, by the way, don’t miss out our hardware promotion as well.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Features: Swept Flange

Now in SolidWorks 2012,  we can perform a swept flange and flatten it to capture the blank size. (Insert> sheet metal> Swept Flange) 

Just like the normal swept feature, you need to have a profile and a path. Take note that the profile should not be a close profile. It should be open sketch.

Use flat pattern to unfold your swept flange into a blank size and save directly into .DXF for manufacturing purpose. Give a try.

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