Friday, August 30, 2013

FIRA ROBOWORLD 2013 Malaysia, Tiny robots with Goals.

FIRA (Federation of International Robot-soccer Association) Roboworld 2013 was held during the week in Kuala Lumpur. showcasing engineering and robotics in a week long event. 

The FIRA RoboWorld Congress (founded in 1996) will be co-hosted by the National University of Malaysia, Department of Polytechnic Education (Ministry of Higher Education) and MySET (Malaysian Society for Engineering and Technology)
It is the premier event where international robotics experts gather and challenge each other in Olympic style robotic events (such as football, weight lifting, running and marathon). For the last 15 years, the event was driven by two robotics experts namely, Professor Dr. Jong-Hwan Kim, KAIST (Korea) and Prahlad Vadakkepat (National University of Singapore).

Visitors had a chance to witness little NAO robots playing as a team autonomously in a game of robot soccer. There are technological showcases and a robot dance group moving to the tune of Gangnam style captured by us. Click on the video player below to enjoy the cuteness of it all. 


Thursday, August 15, 2013

eDrawings is now available for Android users, Droids are pleased.

eDrawing is now available for the Android platform. People with iOS devices had already been using the app for awhile now and allot of request has been given to bring it Droid side. 

With eDrawing users can view native eDrawing and Solidworks file on their mobile devices. You can scroll and twirl around a 3D model and present it to clients and peers. It's highly effective for reviewing CAD models on the go.

The features for android are listed below:

* Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface
* Open 3D (EASM, EPRT, SLDASM, SLDPRT), 2D (EDRW, SLDDRW) and associated files from any source: email attachments, cloud storage services (Dropbox™, SkyDrive®, Google Drive, Hightail®, and others), web and FTP sites and network folders.
* Zoom, pan and rotate your 2D or 3D CAD data using multi-touch
* Animate 3D standard views
* Browse your 2D drawing sheets
* View your designs in full screen and double tap to fit it on screen

There are a few features that are not included in the Android version from the iOS version.But it will probably be incorporated in Android in the near future. The one feature i am really looking forward to is the Augmented Reality(AR) viewer which will surely Impress anyone in the room, Check out the video example below.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Flower Power by Parrot, keep your chilli padi plant healthy for Raya

Flower Power isn't a throwback to the 70's era when hippies roamed and your dad thinks his perm is as cool as his Jimi Hendrix albums. Instead it's a new product from Parrot, a Solidworks customer well known for their GPS and other electronic products.

Flower Power is a sensor based system that updates your household plants well being to your smart phone. Just plug in the Flower Power sensor into the soil and it will measure sunlight, moisture, tempreature and even nutrient levels. If any of the stats are in a low level and needs attention such as the water level of your soil, It will send a notification message via Bluetooth to an application in your mobile device. Your plant will stay healthier and you can share your happy progress online through a community of plant loving gardeners. It's like Farmville only real and just as annoying.

While most of our malay friends are ready to head back home for the holidays and looking forward to a great home cook meal. We at IME would like to wish all of you SELAMAT HARI RAYA and a safe journey.

Friday, August 2, 2013

SolidWorks 2014 Beta, join the development and competition

SolidWorks has release their 2014 Beta edition for the public. this is a good chance for solidworks users to Discover the 200+ new enhancement that will come with the new instalment.

In addition to the release,The SolidWorks 2014 Beta Program includes contests where you can show off your SolidWorks skills and get points and valuable prizes for testing the software.

There are different categories in the competition, They range from finding different bugs to the best high quality renderings. The winners receive Amazon gift cards ranging from $50 to $400. The Beta contest are for SolidWorks, Enterprise, Simulation, Composer, and PhotoView 360 Renderings.

Click on the link below to check it out and enter