Flower Power by Parrot, keep your chilli padi plant healthy for Raya

Flower Power isn't a throwback to the 70's era when hippies roamed and your dad thinks his perm is as cool as his Jimi Hendrix albums. Instead it's a new product from Parrot, a Solidworks customer well known for their GPS and other electronic products.

Flower Power is a sensor based system that updates your household plants well being to your smart phone. Just plug in the Flower Power sensor into the soil and it will measure sunlight, moisture, tempreature and even nutrient levels. If any of the stats are in a low level and needs attention such as the water level of your soil, It will send a notification message via Bluetooth to an application in your mobile device. Your plant will stay healthier and you can share your happy progress online through a community of plant loving gardeners. It's like Farmville only real and just as annoying.

While most of our malay friends are ready to head back home for the holidays and looking forward to a great home cook meal. We at IME would like to wish all of you SELAMAT HARI RAYA and a safe journey.


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