Friday, February 22, 2013

CSWP: It’s now compulsory in Malaysian Industries (part 2)

Gong Xi Fatt chai and a Happy “Ssssss” year. We talked about what is CSWP and the benefits of it to the user with this recognition. Let’s do role changing; now we jump into the employer shoes. Now we are the boss, why would we hire somebody with CSWP compare to other candidate. What is special about them?

First, we need to understand that CSWP exam is a challenge to do 3D modeling in advance level in short period of time period. For that, mastering technique and to have deep understood on all the commands is a must. They also need to plan their designing flow carefully as the time constraint plus there will be instantaneous design changes during exam.

So, this mean candidate with CSWP is a natural fast designer. They will utilize keyboard shortcuts, mouse gesture shortcuts, rather than dragging mouse, menu to menu, icon to icon in traditional way. They will not take time to zoom or rotate to selected area as the 3D image already been synching from their brain to the desktop.  Although this can obtain by years of using SolidWorks, but CSWP will subdue way of designing to this fast stage.

Next, having CSWP means to work with SolidWorks in the ideal way. This is the most overlook concept from employer perspective, as they think it is not important. As for self-learner of SolidWorks, their designing objective is to get it done. But for people with CSWP, they had been train to use SolidWorks as the way it should works, and their designing objective is to get it done, properly!

To get it done is only the matter of to complete the design, while ignoring the warning, error, under define dimensions, whatever the cause... just complete it. To get it done, properly means to complete the design, with no warning and error, and fully define dimensions and prepared for future changes!

Why this is crucial? The most obvious reason is time.

By designing properly, is like a leaving a bread crumb on your trail. The designer can turn back, rewind back the time to exact where he wants to modify, so it later will reflect the outcome in the future/final design instantaneously. Great Scott!

If just to make the design to be done and ended, the previous error will interfere during modification and may lead to more error as the designer didn't pay attention to warning earlier. Time will be lost for sure of this fixing relations and dimensions and in worse case, need to start back the design from scratch.

For the last part, there may be an incident during work transition where the resigned guy, which in this case the self-learner with no CSWP may do the work half way done, and pass to the new recruit guy.

Imagine this, if the resigned guys are much happy with his departure, chance that he left his work properly... is high. Else, get ready for truck load design error, undefined mate, missing linking part to assembly and other god forbid situation, depending how piss of that resigned guy with the company.

Again, CSWP personnel is well prepare for this, they know what to do as error correction have been bread and butter for them. They can fix it and continue the past work flawlessly. Hiring a CSWP person means that you are hiring designer that well compliance with industries standard, so his job can be pass on to everyone else without the hassle dealing non-proper designing method.

You will receive a "Certified SolidWorks Professional" certificate, which is suitable for framing of course.

In addition, an email that directs you to our electronic certificate access page. There you can login and download your electronic certificate and electronic business card logo); CSWP’s also receive discounts to partner products and SolidWorks World events.

SolidWorks Corporation will also add your name to a web-based directory of Certified SolidWorks Professionals, which serves as a reference to instantly establish your credentials.
So, what you waiting for? There are total of 17494 certified CSWP worldwide and now 344 CSWP holders in Malaysia, and growing. Don’t get left behind in this competitive challenging designing world. Act now and get yourself a CSWP to secure your future.

Meanwhile, maybe you would like to join our “Let's Be CSWP together” program. More info, call us at 1300-88-2797.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

Of all the numerous traditional Chinese festivals, I believe this is the most anticipated celebrations of all, at least for me it is. It is the time of the year where no matter where you are, studying or working abroad, you would travel across the globe just to be with your loved ones. It is the time you seek for forgiveness, and be grateful of what life had brought upon you. 

On this festive season, let's all embrace the water snake year and may it bring to us abundance of joy, love, luck, and good health. 

Gong Xi Fa Cai from the Geeks :)


Thursday, February 7, 2013

CSWP: It’s now compulsory in Malaysian Industries

CSWP or Certified SolidWork Professional is acknowledgement given to personnel that have advance skill in SolidWorks modeling after passed the require examination.

 It’s the same as other professional field like CCNA (Cisco certified network associate) in computer networking and CSSGB (Six Sigma Green Belt Certification) for project management and process improvement in factory. What all have in common are; it stands you out from the crowd.

Let’s get into perspective here. You go to, type in ‘solidworks’ in search box, you will see how many job opening been listed as a result. If the first thing came into your mind is   “Wow! I can easily get job now  then you are making a mistake.  Nowadays, it means you have to fight your way through with other candidates that applying same job as you.

Actually, it has to do with SolidWorks itself. Because the software is so easy to learn compare to other 3D CAD, more and more people have start using it over the year. Most companies that stepping from 2D designing to 3D more likely to prefer SolidWorks. They will need people working with it, but unfortunately one designer skill with SolidWorks is not the same as other, although both them, claim to have same years experienced using it.

So this is one of the issue been facing lately. It affects both parties, the designer (employee) and the industries (employer). We go more details on both of it and explain how CSWP can overcome this issue.

CSWP to Employee

Fresh graduates listen up; you need to know that there will be at least 2 designers for every manufacturing company in Malaysia. Designer can also be a person assign as Mechanical Engineer, Design Engineer or R&D Engineer. People that graduate from Mechanical, Mechatronic, Industrial Automation & Robotic, Industrial &, Product Design field have possibilities been expose to SolidWorks during their studies will apply for that mention position. So unless you have a gifted mind, graduated 3.5 CGPA above in engineering, you will have hard time getting to big companies. This because there are a lot of candidates, so requirement of outstanding CGPA will act as the company hiring filter.

That is why if you have a leverage, like CSWP, it will nullified that applied filter as employer notice that they no need to train you, saving time and cost, thus giving you higher chance to be recruited.

So how about experienced people, especially the junior level, experienced around 3 4 years working with SolidWorks. Well other than that added spice to your resume, CSWP is a way telling your future employer that you have the necessity skill with SolidWorks. Backed up with your experience in modeling jig & fixture, mold or sheet metal, CSWP is a proof that you can take anything in your designing job. That is important, as the employer main concern is to know that you are ready, as there are ready.

Employer are not psychic that can read people mind. All that they think during interview is “why should I hire this guy compare to a person before/after him”. You can tell them that you able can do this and that on SolidWorks during interview, but in the end, unless you have a good persuasion skill, having a proof is the only ticket for scoring a job. CSWP is your ticket!

Last but not least, see how much people at US been getting with CSWP.

Take note that most of the companies that using SolidWorks in Malaysia are US base. So there bound to be almost similar salary expectation in Malaysia branch as well. In any case, professional with CSWP been paid more compare to others!

Got the idea? That’s all for today. Next post, we shall talk about how CSWP benefits the employer and more about CSWP.

Meanwhile, maybe you would like to join our “Let's Be CSWP together” program. More info, call us at 1300-88-2797.

Term & condition applied.

Finally, wish you a happy & prosperous Snake year.

Friday, February 1, 2013

showcase in SolidWorks World 2013 : Festo Bird and flow simulation

Nowadays, robotics and automation had been leading edge of our technology.  For centuries, we refer to nature as a guideline for our innovation and breakthrough.

We already have robotic insect, snake and fish. So what’s next? 

How about a bird, which obviously look like a bird and surprisingly, flew like one!

Festo, a German high-tech automation company had perfected what Leonardo da Vinci sketch in year 1505. Ah... those were the years where crazy inventions took places in our history.

Festo has managed to almost perfectly translate the elegant movements of a bird in flight into a flying robot that looks like a seagull. Bird does not just flapping their wings; it twists also to give lift during flight. This robotic bird, equipped with 485 gram of servo motors which enable the wings to flap and twist at specific angles - that allows the bird to rise in the air by flapping its wings alone. It is able to start, take off and land unassisted, with the head and tail acting as a rudder to steer the bird through the air. If you thinking there are propeller blade like a RC plane, you are so wrong. Check the video below.

Bionic bird flies at SolidWorks World 2013

Built from carbon fiber and polyurethane foam, it has a wingspan width of nearly 2 meters long and powered by 23 watts LiPo accumulator cells.  It can be control by 868 MHz/2.4 GHz two-way radio transmission.  Yes, RC plane is so old news. As you can see, the internal mechanics look similar to da Vinci design, and Festo in fact did references da Vinci's "rudimentary flapping wing models" as part of its inspiration. Ok, moving wings is one thing, but to study air created by it, this is when SolidWorks  to do the job. 

To understand how SolidWorks get into work with this robotic bird design, we need to understand that real bird have a complex of motion to create aerodynamic force which able it to fly. Below are the sequences of that motion captured in time frame.

With requirement of lightweight bones, rigid skeleton, streamlined body of all birds, the most important key aspect is the wing, which creates the lifting force.

The shape of a bird’s wing is important for producing lift. The increased speed over a curved, larger wing area creates a longer path of air. This means the air is moving more quickly over the top surface of the wing, reducing air pressure on the top of the wing and creating lift. Also, the angle of the wing (tilted) deflects air downwards, causing a reaction force in the opposite direction and creating lift. Larger wings produce greater lift than smaller wings. 

Notice the underlined word 'air is moving' and 'pressure' on above text. Both of that can be simulate by SolidWorks Flow Simulation in virtual environment.

SolidWorks Flow Simulation takes the complexity out of computational fluid dynamics. You can quickly and easily simulate fluid flow, heat transfer, and fluid forces that are critical to the success of your design. Simulate liquid and gas flow in real world conditions, run “what if” scenarios, and quickly analyze the effects of fluid flow, heat transfer, and related forces on immersed or surrounding components. Design variations can be compared to make better decisions, resulting in products with superior performance. Additional valuable modules, HVAC and electronic cooling, offer dedicated fluid flow simulation tools so you can go to the next level for your analysis.
Here are the key features:

•             Examine complex flows through and around your components with parametric analysis
•             Align your model with flow conditions, such as pressure drop, to satisfy design goals
•             Detect turbulences and recirculation issues with animated flow trajectories
•             Understand the flow of non-Newtonian fluids, such as blood and liquid plastic
•             Assess the impact of different impellers and fans on your design
•             Include sophisticated effects like porosity, cavitation, and humidity

Here are the results of SolidWorks Flow Simulation.  The colored arrows indicate the velocity & pressure of traveling air upon contact with the wing. From this we could know that the wing design could or could not provide sufficient lift force for the bird, relative to weight during takeoff or in midflight.

As conclusion, it’s true that main idea of design came from nature, but to have it been done in smart and less time consuming way, it have to be perfected by SolidWorks.