Monday, February 23, 2015

FREE Great Tools for CAD Drawing & Viewing l 2015

Nowadays, CAD software is a must-have tool in most design and manufacturing companies to reduce fatal design errors that may show up during production. If you’re in the industry that relies a lot on CAD tools, you probably already facing some challenges to upgrade your current 2D CAD to cater customers’ demand for 3D design.

We understand that it’s not an easy task to migrate entire 2D CAD system to 3D CAD in an instant. Hence, we are introducing free great CAD Tools that enable you to free up budget to bring in more innovation with one goal - to take your business to the next level.

Our partner, SOLIDWORKS offers free CAD applications and services to help users to design faster and at an even lower cost. You may heard of it too – Draftsight and eDrawing Viewer.

It is a straightforward 2D CAD software that enables users to access existing and create new DWG files, that is more cost effective as compared to alternative 2D CAD software.     

Draftsight offers a familiar user interface and a minimal learning curve that facilitates an easy transition from your current CAD application.

Draftsight comes in 3 packages to cater different level of design needs, 
  1. Free - Ideal for students, hobbyists and other individuals. 
  2. Professional - For small and medium size companies that need a professional-grade CAD product with powerful, time-saving functionalities. 
  3. Enterprise - For large organizations with many users or multiple sites that need a professional-grade CAD product with technical support.

eDrawings Viewer 
eDrawings Viewer enable user to view, print, and review all types of eDrawings files including native SOLIDWORKS®, supported AutoCAD® DWG and DXF files. It quickly interpret and understand any SOLIDWORKS drawing by dynamically viewing the 3D model as it automatically rotates through each drawing view.

eDrawings Viewer eases anyone to interpret and understand Simulation results coming from SOLIDWORKS Simulation (FEA), SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation (CFD) and SOLIDWORKS Plastics.

Friday, February 13, 2015


It was 7am in morning. It was cold and windy as it was the last 2 days as we made the walk to the convention center for the final time. Certainly one of the most treasured experiences in SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015.

After breakfast, we went into the hall expecting the final inspiring session in SOLIDWORKS World 2015. This time it was Mr. Jinsop Lee, Chief Globalization Office at a lighting company called Linno.
He began with some brief self introduction on his childhood where he lived in 5 different country before staying in America now. His passion on building up model toy, then assemble and color them pieces by pieces has actually made him realize that he enjoys the process rather than the result. He is inspired and eventually he came out with a theory - 5 senses based design theory that made him one of the winners of TED Global Talent Global Search 2012.

According to the theory everything that we did could be evaluated by our senses: sight, touch, smell, sound and taste. So, are you curious now?

What you need to do is to sketch out the graph like the picture below, then rate each senses from scale of 1-10 when performing certain activity.
As an example, Jinsop had shared his bike riding experience applying the 5-senses theory through a video recording of that experience.
Of course, the perfect experience would be something like this. But what activity is the best experience?

According to Jinsop, the only experience that come close to perfect so far is great sex! This immediately brought out laughter from the crowds, but the playful designer is making a serious point. Great sex, and great design, is about the five senses and how and when we use them.
Now how does this relate to SOLIDWORKS? As a product designer himself, Jinsop uses SOLIDWORKS and he anticipate that SOLIDWORKS will eventually develop and grow to include more senses in the future. With more senses stimulated, it will result in better product design experience, exactly like how we enjoy watching movie in cinema (the stunning audiovisual, the cozy environment, the audience that shares the same emotion as you etc).

Next, we had a very inspiring story about Mr. Seffi Udi. He was paralyzed from neck down due to an accident, at that point he had to choose to give up or continue living. Luckily, he is a kind man with a strong will that he is certain how to live the rest of his life to the fullest. He was introduced to SOLIDWORKS by his employer and since then he loves it and uses it to design and create things he uses daily such as his wheel chair, micro mouse buttons. He even uses SOLIDWORKS to design the layout of his home to perfectly suit his maneuver. 
It's truly amazing and inspiring that Mr. Seffi can design innovative products with SOLIDWORKS by using only his tongue. He deserves our standing ovation for his spirit that inspire everyone to never give up no matter what situation we are in.
In addition to the inspiring story, we had our ever-present design challenge - The Model Mania. Do you know that Model Mania has been introduced for 16 years? These are the model mania "family member", have you challenged any of them?
With no exception, SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015 has the SOLIDWORKS Model Mania challenge too. The winner of Model Mania had won a tablet sponsored by NVIDIA. He took 12 minutes 21 seconds to create, modify and simulate the model! That’s impressive!
Everyone please try beating his time in our coming Innovation Day 2015 in October!

On the other hand, here is the Top 10 Enhancement Requests in 2014 voted by SOLIDWORKS community!

  1. Support Zero Thickness Geometry 
  2. Bidirectional Sweep 
  3. Export Sheet Metal Part in Assembly to dxf/dwg in Flat State 
  4. Flexible Selection List Box Size 
  5. Display the Exact Item Causing the Error 
  6. Ability to Make the Inferred Relations Permanent in Sketch
  7.  Selecting Inner Loop on a Selected Face 
  8. Both Direction Pattern 
  9. Topology Optimization from Tosca for all Engineers 
  10. Variable Pull Direction Draft
It's true that SOLIDWORKS listens to user community and this is how they enhance the software progressively every year. Furthermore, they did an exclusive preview on SOLIDWORKS 2016 for us! Yes, you read that right, SOLIDWORKS 2016!

Here is the partial list of the exciting new features that you could expect in SOLIDWORKS 2016.
  • Hide/Show Default Planes 
  • Auto Select Midpoint 
  • Asymmetric Fillets 
  • Two Direction Sweep 
  • Mate Controller 
  • Rename Part in SOLIDWORKS 
  • Photoview 360 Proof Sheet 
  • Menu Breadcrumbs 
  • Favorites folder in Toolbox

Be sure to catch these features LIVE in our Innovation Day in October!

To wrap up,

Ten things that we experienced in #SWW15:

  1. Phoenix City is a cool “desert” and it is extraordinary quiet besides working days. 
  2. Everyone is a sprint master in SOLIDWORKS World in order to get the best seat. 
  3. There are total 2.8 million SOLIDWORKS users worldwide that is larger than Kuala Lumpur population. 
  4. Innovation is not just about to create new things, but to create for the future. 
  5. Age of Digitalization of Life in 3D is coming in next decades. 
  6. Innovative company helps company to be innovative. 
  7. Engineering needs MORE Girls & Women! 
  8. Design with Sense; Sense with Design 
  9. Consumer buy product + EXPERIENCE 
  10. SOLIDWORKS = Multi-Solutions

Till then, we will go to DALLAS next year! (31st Jan – 3rd Feb 2016)

Hope to see you there!

Khor FW & Ken Foong

SWW2015 Reporters

Thursday, February 12, 2015


The excitement continues on day 3 for SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015, albeit the jet-lag of 15 hours. 

Design thinking is something I have been exploring, it helps a lot in problem solving. It helps engineers and designers produce products that solves problems for the consumers in creative and innovative ways. Something new I've learnt today is "Experience Thinking". Monica Menghini, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer of Dassault Systemes highlights how design thinking is no longer sufficient, and in the Age of Experience, we need to be designing for customer experience. 
Today's session started with something very close to our hearts - the SWUGM (SOLIDWORKS User Group Meeting) that we have always wanted to start in Malaysia. Richard Doyle shared with us 10 benefits of attending a user group meeting - and top one is of course - free pizza.
If you would tell me what topic we should talk about for the first user group meeting in Malaysia, how about if we let you decide what free food we'll provide?

We then talked about something again very close at heart for me - women in engineering. It reminds me of the uni days where I'd be the 0.1% female in the class, and the Women in Engineering conference I'd attended organised by IIWE (International Institution of Women in Engineering). Why is this an important topic?

Bettina Chen, the young co-founder of Roominate shares with us, why having women in engineering is important (despite the obvious that they are more awesome). One of the important ingredients of innovation and creativity is diversity. We need different culture, background, stories, and gender in order to have different perspectives and that will lead to more diversified ideas, resulting in better solutions. Say no more, watch this video:
As much as the support to the Academic sector, SOLIDWORKS supports Women in Engineering through the SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering program that educates, encourage, and recognise outstanding women in the male dominant industry.

Great stories and inspiration just never stops at #SWW15. We next met with John Thornton , CEO of Astrobotics who walk us through their wildest imagination of a business model to do a “delivery service” to the moon. The idea is to send whatever things whoever wants to the moon to do whatever they could imagine there. One of the ideas was also to explore some cave (Lacus Mortis Pit – lake of death) on the moon, to potentially find suitable place for human habitat. If you are interested to send a message to your loved ones for Valentine ’s Day, literally “I love you to the moon and back” – check out their website HERE.

The last speaker from the General session was Dr. Michio Kaku, physicist and author of NYT’s #1 Best Seller, The Future of the Mind. He discussed about a lot of futuristic ideas and possibilities that are beyond imagination and completely change the way we do things or live. I will just pick the top 3 most fascinating idea that stuck to me:

1.    We all know Google glasses. What about smart contact lenses which will be able to tell you the name of this person you met 2 years ago at SOLIDWORKS WORLD, along with all the biodata information? (I know I need this because I’m terrible at remembering names, to avoid the awkward moments of “Hi *trying hard to recall name*….”.

2.    Long gone is the Mass Production era, we are moving towards the “Mass Customisation” era – made possible through 3D Printing. How would you like to be able to personalise and 3D print everything, including bio parts like your ear, organs, replacement valves and etc.

3.    Computer screens as thin as papers and being used as wallpapers. Since they are computers, you could show anything on the wall and change as frequently as you may like. What about consulting a robo-doctor or robo-lawyer on your wall? The possibility of computing power and Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality is limitless and beyond our imagination.

I was truly amazed and inspired by this group of wonderful people who have their dream and purpose, and they are not afraid to pursue it. Don’t let anything or anybody stop you from dreaming and wanting to make the impossible become I AM POSSIBLE. Hope you enjoyed todays recap and feel free to share with us some stories that inspire you too!

Yours Truly,

SWW15 Reporter

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


We were all ready at 6:00am and had a 20 minutes walk to the event venue this morning. We actually found today's morning walk to be rather exciting... because we were on our way for the much anticipated SOLIDWORKS World 2015!

Once we arrived at the event venue, we were amazed by the crowd! The huge grand hall was occupied by the people who are passionate in design and new technology.
The venue was swamped by 5,500 customers, prospects, resellers and partners of SOLIDWORKS around the globe! There are resellers from Western countries like France, Germany and Turkey, not forgetting Asia countries like Japan, Korea, Thailand and us, the representatives from Malaysia! Most of the attendees had reached the venue approximately 45 minutes earlier, queuing outside the main entrance in order to get the best seat with the best view (YES! It's exactly like a concert!)
The event had started with a mesmerizing Dassault Systemes video, enhanced by colourful LED lighting in the middle of the stage. And so... SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015 is officially launched for continuously 3 days, from 9th – 11th Feb 2015.
Bertrand Sicot had went on stage for the final time as the CEO of Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. He had shared his experience in overseeing the growth of the brand, the journey of SOLIDWORKS transforming into a more and more comprehensive portfolio for intuitive and integrated 3D design. The SOLIDWORKS community had grown by 2 times and now possesses more than 2.8 million users after more than 18 years.
Thereafter, Bertrand had invited Bernard Charles, President and CEO of Dassualt Systemes to deliver his sharing on - The power of 3DEXPERIENCE that will redefine our live and work. Bernard had introduced a virtual company - Bryo as an example to demonstrate how 3DEXPERIENCE platform has been connecting people with same interest and enabling industry clients to create great experiences for their ultimate customers or consumers.

Next on stage was Gian Paolo Bassi, the new CEO of Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp, who has more than 25 years of experience in 3D, CAD, and PLM industries. Gian Paolo started off with a testament “Respect the Legacy, Embrace the Future”, that he elaborated desktop era will be respected and continued as it is part of the SOLIDWORKS development legacy, on the other hand we should embrace the future which is SOLIDWORKS cloud application on 3DEXPERIENCE. As the new CEO, he will now spearhead the development of SOLIDWORKS future product and technology strategies designed for desktop and cloud, and collaboration with the existing strong 2.8 million user community.

“Respect the Legacy, Embrace the Future” through 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Gian Paolo had invited partners to present on amazing innovative products that was created using SOLIDWORKS solution. First one on stage was the lead designer from Parrot, who had designed Flower Pot using a new solution called SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design. The Flower Pot is a leaf-like water reservoir used in any plant/flower in a pot, to monitor the ambient temperature and humidity in order to water the plant/flower automatically. By using SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design, he easily created the leaf shape of the reservoirs in matter of minutes! It's completed in minutes just by dragging out and pushing into the “robot”, a claylike volume in the SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design. It's truly eye-opening as such fascinating design was done just by using one feature.
Another example would be the ship shown below. The prototype of the model was printed with a 3D printer.

Next, Thalmic Labs came up with the impressive Myo Gesture Control Armband, that senses our arm’s muscle movement when we are making different hand gestures like waving, rotating or simply clenching our fist. Thalmic Labs said that they are able to control the flight of a quad copter, and even control heavy vehicles to perform a specific task.

When he mentioned that, something had crossed my mind... Perhaps, Ironman is in the making?

The final presenter of the day - Mr. Bre Petits, Former CEO of Makerbot Industries. He started with a brief introduction about himself as DIY person since he was as little as 6 years old. We were inspired by his ever cease passion in making things in 3D that then led to the founding of 3D printer - Makerbot (It's acquired by Stratasys few years ago). He has been using SOLIDWORKS to create many generations of Makerbot. One of his great inventions is the latest fifth generation, that can be operated remotely using smartphone.
That's all for now. 

Stay tuned for day 3… We assure you there will be more cool stuff to be shared in our blog!

Yours Sincerely,

Ken Foong & Khor FW
SWW2015 Reporters

Monday, February 9, 2015


SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015! Happening Right now! 

As usual, upon registration we get a cool back pack (it gets better every year!), and an event T-shirt:

Topics on the plate today: 

SOLIDWORKS Certification Exams:

Early birds who rock up today could take the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA), Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWPCORE), or any of the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced Specialist exams at no charge. A lot of brain activities going on in the hall with a room of engineers doing exams!  

CAD Manager's Boot Camp:
Always a fruitful session for CAD Managers to gather and explore ways to maximise the output of SOLIDWORKS. It highlights the importance of combining IT and CAD best practices in order to reduce the cost of ownership and maximising your investment on the powerful CAD tool.

Performance: Hot topics always revolve around CAD performance. We discussed how configurations and system maintenance affects and lead to performance bottlenecks - how NOT to go there! 

Being a good CAD manager: How training, evaluation and planning is crucial in building a good team as well as obtaining good results.

Data Management: Why it's important to manage your data, and what are your options. 

CONCLUDING THOUGHTS: Plan for success—metrics, expectations, and proactive management. 

The day ended wonderfully with great food, laughter, and cool breeze of a winter day in the desert! 

Tomorrow will be the First day of the General session, look forward to seeing the development plan for SW2016!! Stay tuned! 

Yours Sincerely, 

SWW2015 Reporter